Monday, September 20, 2010

This Week at Liberty 09/20/2010

The intake total for the year is now at 2940.
Thanks to John Glitsos and his camera, I have enough photos to do an update this week! I have stuck in training and haven't been able to accumulate my usual stash of footage so when Dr. Orr was doing surgery and other vet-type stuff, John got the duty. All photos tonight (except the last two) were taken by John. A great job, as usual!
Art holds a TV for Dr. Orr.
A green wrap looks sporty!
We've gotten in a couple of turkey vultures in the past few weeks, probably due to their major migration now in progress. As with all birds, traversing unfamiliar territory can lead to some unpleasant encounters with guns, cars, wires, and an assortment of other unyielding objects.
Dr. Orr gets ready to draw blood.
Looking for a vein.
After taking blood, fluids are replenished.
Then a little bit of food goes in...
The first golden eagle that Dave brought in is getting a little better, so it was time to draw blood and check for the usual suspects: lead poisoning and aspergillosis. This is at least a two-person job so Art got the task of wrangling the big bird while Dr. Orr took samples and then administered fluids and food. When the reports came back, both levels were high so treatment has been started.
Dr. Orr unwraps an injured wing.
A bad fracture is evaluated and the structure aligned.
A foam splint is fabricated.
Green seems to be the color of the day.
The osprey that gave Tony some trouble last week was re-evaluated this week and Dr. Orr did some work on the fractured bones. Then the wing was wrapped and the bird returned to his ICU enclosure. These guys are so cool, but so difficult to rehab, but this one's attitude is good and hopes remain high.
Yin is prepared for surgery.
Dr. Orr inserts the intubation tube.
Lots of caring hands help as the surgery progresses.
In the "recovery room"...

Yin takes it easy on his own.
Over ten years ago, we received two captive-raised gopher snakes for our education department. Named Yin and Yang, they have been stars of the show for years, growing large and healthy. Recently, Yin presented a growth near the end of his tail that has been determined to be a melanoma. Dr. Orr performed surgery on him this week to remove the tumor. We all have our fingers crossed that our long buddy will recover and rejoin the education team in the near future.

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