Monday, September 20, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 09/20/2010

Liberty Wildlife has a wonderful Board of Directors. Among many other things they are passionate about the organization and our mission. An example of their dedication to native wildlife follows. I will name this blog:

Keep Your Props Close By

I received a photo e mail the other afternoon, and when I opened it this is what I saw with the question, “How do I get this little guy out of my house?”

First I assured her that it wasn’t poisonous….funny, she didn’t even ask about that…not an issue. So, I sent back a detailed e mail about getting a waste basket (or the likes) and a heavy piece of cardboard or a dust pan (or the likes)….put the wastebasket over the snake (move quickly) and then scoop the card- board between the floor and the bottom of the wastebasket creating a capture container and a top when it was turned right side up. If all else fails to call me.

Here’s what I got back a bit later:

”One down, at least one to go. The first went under the couch before I could get my props together. Then another appeared in the kitchen as I was putting away the groceries. I had an open top box from Costco in my hand and just put it on its side, then used two cookie sheets to coax him in. I couldn't go get my props from the other room as these little guys are fast once they move. I think maybe a nest hatched while I was gone? Anyway, I hope they make it out in the real world. Thanks for your advice and offer to help. I lost a big guy last year. I found him in the middle of my bedroom floor and he was so big and not moving, I mistook him for a rubber snake from my grandboys. When I bent to pick him up he scurried off under my cabinets. I still don't let my bug guy spray in there...but he has to be gone.

I'm keeping my cardboard and trash can ready.

Like I said, keep your props close by. Is this totally endearing or what?

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