Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Week at Liberty 01/04/2010

OK, no music videos tonight, but my deepest appreciation for all the comments on last week's TW@L. I got a record number of posted comments, plus a lot more that came to me directly via e-mail. To all who voiced their feelings, thank you so very much. I was humbled.

Here we are entering the new year, and things are getting back to normal after the holidays. I got to bring in the first rescue of 2010, and we took 8 birds to be X-rayed today (those pictures will be in next week's TW@L). So let's press on into the new decade with renewed dedication, and make a real difference in this world!
A loud little bird!
This little burrowing owl is in for an unspecified injury. The office staff can always tell when he's out of the brooder for treatment as the decibel level rises to ear-splitting levels! This is actually a good sign as it shows he A) is feeling better, and B) really hates people, which will put him in good shape to face the outside world when he gets released.
Art assesses a red-tailed hawk.
A beautiful wing is examined for damage.
A suspicious wound is found.
A gorgeous RTH came in last week. His presentation was a wing injury that could turn out to be a GSW (Gun Shot Wound) which is not uncommon in the period right after Christmas. It seems people still give their kids guns as gifts, but include only ammo, not supervision. X-rays will tell the tale...
Jan removes a wing wrap.
The wound is cleaned.
A handsome little guy!
A small wing is bandaged in blue.
A little blue kestrel is in for another wing injury. This one is also somewhat suspicious, but the cause is not what's important - what is critical is if the broken bones can be aligned properly and they can heal so that the little falcon can again hunt the skies of Arizona. He's in very good hands!
Toba holds a HaHa for Jan.
The remainder of the toe is trimmed.
Jan sutures the stump.
Toba applies a tail guard.
The harris' hawk that got tangled in the net near Apache Junction lost one toe to the incident. The net cut off circulation and the tissue died requiring amputation. Hopefully the rest of the toes and the foot will remain healthy and when the foot heals, he can be released back to his family. In the meantime, he was given a tail guard to protect his feathers while his foot heals so when he is released, he will have full plumage.
Another little hummer comes in.
The last intake for 2009 was an Anna's hummingbird. He was transferred to Gloria at WildWing for further treatment and was released after a brief period of observation and some feeding. A good way to end the old year, and start the new one!
A GHO becomes #10-0001.
Missi administers fluids.

Anne holds while Missi treats with activated charcoal.
The first rescue for the new year was a pretty great horned owl from PV. Showing signs of poisoning. He was treated with Toxiban, a slurry of water and activated charcoal which works very well for many common toxins by absorbing the offending chemicals from the stomach and allowing the animal to rid themselves of the dangerous substances.


Dorothy Schildkret said...

I always enjoy ""This Week at Liberty" and share it with my family and several friends. This week I want to thank you for the beautiful pictures of the kestrel. I've never seen one other than in bird books and didn't realize they were so colorful.
Thanks for all you do. I'm proud to be a very small cog in the organization.

Liberty Wildlife Blog said...

There are no "small cogs" at Liberty... Every volunteer is essential!
Thanks for all you do!