Monday, January 4, 2010

I grew up in Texas where it didn’t take long to be indoctrinated with the notion that bigger was better. (We hated it when Alaska was admitted to the Union!) Based on that cultural learning it probably seems obvious that I was early attracted to eagles—the golden eagle being the zenith to me. However, with distance and age, I have become more and more aware of the total delight to be found in “small beauties”. So, this first year of the decade I resolve to notice and relish the small beauties around me.

What do I mean by “small beauties”? Well, obviously it can be a beautiful thing visually like the tiny spider mite in all of its hairy glorious redness. Perhaps it is the leavings of a rare desert mist adorning jewel-like droplets on parched desert plants. Or, maybe it is the iridescence of the Anna’s Hummingbird, a recent patient at our facility—who while nestled in his pseudo nest simultaneously flashed his fierce little eyes and displayed the brilliance of sapphire blue, or was it magenta, or perhaps a deep garnet red surrounding his tiny head…whatever it was it took my breath away and caused an audible gasp.

But visual doesn’t define it all. It can be a melodic note emitted by a song bird in search of “love”—perfection in tone, pitch, and longing. A small beauty might be nothing more than the movement of velvety air silently wafted into my space from the healed wing of a barn owl once grounded but now ready for release.

Be assured that the senses aren’t the only way to experience a small beauty. It can be found in the exquisite functionality of a creature not necessarily considered a beauty in the traditional way. Take, for instance, our vultures—by their design and the niche filled in nature, they are indeed uniquely perfect and indeed, are small beauties.

In an era where all issues seem too big to contain, conceive, contend with or certainly to correct I resolve to concentrate on and embrace small beauties. I challenge you to do the same. And, I want to hear about it….share with me your observations of the small beauties around you.


zopeloti said...

A great message to take to heart for all living things. (including us humans) thanks for the uplifting message.

Joyce H.

Ranger Pat said...

A small beauty I love is the scraggly little bush found everywhere in the desert-creosote bush. It is a modest but awesome plant! It's one of the oldest plants in the desert with living specimens carbon dated 13,000 yrs old. It's also one of the most powerful medicinals-good for everything from PMS to arteriosclerosis, mange to skin abrasions. Close up it smells like a petroleum product (creosote) and is called Hediondilla in Spanish-little stinker. However, after a rain storm it is the plant that gives us that very special "smell of the desert".

Liberty Wildlife Blog said...

Very cool! Thanks, Ranger Pat!