Monday, January 18, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 01/18/2010

The past week has been a busy and filled with great things for Liberty Wildlife. If you were tuned into the vibes on Saturday night you might have been able to hear the booming hoots, howls, and hollers as Liberty Wildlife received the award for Conservation Organization of the Year from the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. Two tables filled with Liberty Wildlife board members, staff and volunteers wonderfully represented our organization at the “Meet the Commission Banquet”. The video presenting us, aside from the part of the eagle standing me off (we actually like it that way) depicted briefly the wonderful work our staff and volunteers do particularly related to the Bald Eagle Nest Watch Program….work that we are very proud of!

We also were impressively represented this weekend at the “Wings over Wilcox Birding Festival”. Linda Scott, Anne Peyton, and Max Bessler traveled to the southern part of the state with educational ambassadors in tow to thrill and educate over 700 school kids and untold numbers of visitors to the event. Max relayed a story of a young man who stood transfixed looking at Lady Liberty for a good 15-20 minutes, intensely watching her every move. The boy said to Max that after this experience he would never be able to look at birds in the same way….he was clearly moved by the “up close” experience with a wild bird.

And, today, Liberty Wildlife (Joe and Jan Miller, Nina Grimaldi, Anne Peyton and Max Bessler and for a short time Terry Stevens) manned an educational booth at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction event. It was family day and brimming with folks of all ages…possibly 200,000 people, and it seems like most of them came by to take in the beauty and learn about the bald eagle, the great horned owl, the turkey vulture, the Harris’ Hawk and the American kestrel. Early in the afternoon a group of visitors followed us to the edge of the event grounds and watched as we released a beautiful rehabilitated red tailed hawk that awed the group as she high-tailed that red tail into freedom. It was, as always, very thrilling to see her fly fiercely over the crowd, gulping her new space in as fast as she could heading home to the area where she was found nearby. Cameras snapped, questions followed and all in all the crowd seemed to agree that the Liberty Wildlife experience was a highlight of the day!

Whew! Just another week at Liberty Wildlife!