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This Week at Liberty 01/18/2010

After last week's X-ray X-travaganza, we have some interesting arrivals/stories for the current update. One story in particular is intriguing especially in light of the "miracle coyote" story that has been going around the web the last few months. Also this week, a quick look at our AZG&F award last weekend...
A banded Canada Goose from a local park.
Lenny brought in an injured Canada goose from a Scottsdale park last week. The bird was young but had both leg and neck bands attached to him. He has a broken leg and it seems from his bands that he's been there for a year, being tracked by a study to see who's actually migrating and who has set up permanent residency in the area.
A bashful burrowing owl took a ride...
Another burrowing owl came in by way of Education, Daily Care, and Rescue volunteer Donna Jabara. It seems a truck driver left the far west side of Phoenix after his shift and drove through about 70 miles of reservation land to get home in the far southeast valley. When he arrived, his neighbor pointed out that there was something behind his license plate holder which turned out to be a little burrowing owl! He probably hopped on at the start of the drive and rode the long trip to the trucker's home. Besides being somewhat stressed, he has a dislocated shoulder but is otherwise uninjured. He should be released before too long.
A wounded cormorant gets help.
His injury required general anesthesia.
Tony and Louise help Heidi and Jan work on the wing.
The injured wing is wrapped for cage rest.
He's looking better to Joanie and Toba this week.
A cormorant came in with a badly broken wing. The bones were not aligned and one was poking through the skin (the pictures were graphic so I left them out) and it needed immediate attention. The bird was put under general anesthesia and the bones were realigned before the skin was sutured shut. Now, almost a week later, he appears to be doing well!
An injured ornate box turtle is rescued from a pool...
...after being used as a chew toy by a dog.
OK, ok, we don't do pets or non-natives...most of the time. But this little ornate box turtle was brought to our window by a man who said his dog had attacked the little reptile and then dropped him in his pool. We couldn't turn him away, so the med services team got some advice from Rebecca, our PHS volunteer, and got him to cough up most of the water he'd inhaled, then gave him some medicine to help fight infection. Now he has gone to the Phoenix Herpetological Society for more treatment and possible placement.
A USFW band and leather jesses that were attached incorrectly.
She's doing better after a few days of intensive care.
A handsome bird when cared for.
A beautiful prairie falcon was brought in with jesses and a USFW band last week. She was terribly emaciated and near death, but the Med Services team brought her back from the edge and she's doing better, though not out of the woods yet. The numbers on her band don't seem to match any lost bird as yet, so her ultimate fate is unknown. We'll keep you updated on her condition...
Megan accepts the award from the out-going Commission Chairman.
The gathering is thanked by Megan and Dr. Orr.
Some of the Liberty volunteers and staff who attended.
Last Saturday Arizona Game & Fish Commission held their annual awards banquet at which Liberty Wildlife was named "Conservation Organization of the Year - 2009." Twenty volunteers and staff members attended the dinner to see Megan and Dr.Orr accept the award and thank the Commission and the other guests for this recognition.
This video was produced by AZG&F and played prior to the award being presented.

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