Monday, January 25, 2010

This Week at Liberty 01/25/2010

We all survived the big storm last week, although Carl had his hands full driving to Flagstaff and back in a blinding blizzard. It's a good thing it didn't hit a month from now or we would be buried in orphans! This week we have an exciting new arrival to Liberty, add to that some updates on previous patients, plus a great release, and we'll call it a week...
More gentle care for the long-traveling little burrowing owl.
Some careful cleaning by Jan.
"Now I feel so much better!"
That little burrowing owl that had ridden 70 miles behind a truck's tag holder is still recovering. He still has a loose shoulder, but now that he's de-stressed a bit, he was cleaned up a bit by Jan, Toba, and Joanie during vet night last week. He's improving rapidly and should be released fairly soon with quite a story to tell his freinds.
A big HaHa with another possible electrical injury.
Burned feet confirm the diagnosis.
Harris' hawks seem to be more prone to electrical injury than other raptors of their size. Last week, a big female arrived presenting symptoms congruent with electrical burns. A close inspection of her feet confirmed that she had indeed contacted some high voltage equipment. Our Research and Conservation people were called in and the investigation continues...
Joanie takes one for the team...!
Years ago I adapted a maxim of the aviation community to the rehabilitation and education work at Liberty. With the required modifications, it states "There are two kinds of wildlife rehab volunteers: those who have been footed by a raptor, and those who will be footed by a raptor." If you work here long enough, somebody's going to get you, no matter how careful you are. Last week, Joanie got a talon in her arm - right through her rawhide glove! Happily, it wasn't too serious, but it brings home that these are still dangerous animals that must be respected at all times. (It also shows how the volunteers that provide care for these animals should likewise be respected for what they do!)
A young road runner gets some TLC from Toba.
The little road runner that has been here for a while is getting better, but it's going v-e-r-y slowly. He actually got free in the ICU for a moment and showed he can still use those fantastic legs! He's scheduled to go to the eye specialist this week for an evaluation to see if he has any vision/neurological problems.
A big new patient arrives!
The definition of "mid-shaft fracture."
A pin holds the broken bones together.
She's a big girl...
And a beautiful bird!
A few weeks ago, a fourth year bald eagle collided with a semi up near Flagstaff. She suffered breaks to both her radius and ulna in the accident and was taken to a nearby pet hospital. They performed surgery on the broken wing but when she developed other symptoms, she was transported to Liberty by Carl Price in a driving blizzard last week. Upon arrival, Jan started treating her with the techniques she has used on numerous other eagles and the bird began to respond. She is now standing, eating better, and her other symptoms are improving as well.
She is a gorgeous bird and we're hoping her wing does well and grows strong enough for her to be able to fly again.
The big hawk fascinates the crowd.
A great launch!
She's a strong flier.

Heading for home!
Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions was the Presenting Sponsor for our Wishes for Wildlife event last year. We were invited to the auction this past week and despite the rain, the crowds seemed to love seeing the birds Liberty brought to display. The highlight was the release of a big red-tailed hawk that came to us in October after suffering a collision with a car not far from the site of the auction. After being launched by Megan, the big bird flew strong and with a purpose, right between several large inflatable displays (whew!) and headed straight toward home! Another success!


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