Monday, September 28, 2009

This Week at Liberty 09/28/2009

He's baaaack! OK, So most of you didn't even know I was gone for a week, but in any case, here we go, ready to hit the ground running! But since I was gone for a week (and nobody else took any pictures while I was away), this update will be a little short. But with a major fund-raising event, and preparation for the upcoming education season, we still have some cool stuff for you...
The buffalo cart hits the links!
The "Best Dressed" for the western-themed golf tournament.
Nina and Brian have fun selling Liberty T-shirts.
"This call's for you...!"
Joe and Libby have everybody's attention.
The short game is the toughest...
Dr. Chris and Dick Hayslip are honored for their support.
The third annual "Birdie Fore Birds" golf tournament was held last Saturday at the Starfire Golf Course. Although the temperatures were in the low 100's, the scores were much lower for those who played this beautiful course. Many of the Liberty Education birds were on hand to greet the players and display their talents. Several of the golfers wore western wear and decorated their carts to go along with the cowboy theme. A fine lunch with some cool awards followed the match and everyone had a great time! It's a nice way to enjoy yourself, and support a wonderful cause in the process.
Donna sits in the shade with Amelia.
Our new RTH, Barbosa.
Checking out the birds overhead.
"Arrrr matey! I lost me eyepatch!"

The curled toes belie a totally relaxed bird.
One of the things that all the volunteers seem to enjoy is sitting with the birds on the Education Team prior to the new season. This gets the birds back in the swing of getting out in front of the public and also gets the volunteers used to handling again after the summer break. We also have a few new birds on the team, like Barbosa, our new red-tailed hawk. Just a juvie, he lost an eye due to injury, but seems like he really likes his new job as educator. he will be a great addition to the team.
Another fairly new addition to the team is Salsa, a cool little harris' hawk. One of our senior trainers, Anne, was feeding her last week and I got this video...

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