Monday, September 28, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 09/28/2009

The “changing of the guard” like the falling of the leaves in cooler climes, signals a seasonal slide at Liberty Wildlife. It is not only the inflow and outflow of animals that indicates a change but also the movement of different groups of people that will tell us that fall is really here. It most certainly isn’t the record high temperatures that we endured this past week… which by the calendar was the official first week of fall.

The Orphan Care volunteers have taken their leave until next year just as the Educational volunteers flock back to the duties of educating. And, this year they have started with a bang. Just last Saturday saw five groups of educators all busy with educational ambassadors burning a wide path through the Valley. We were in three different parks, we were at a golf course, and we were at a private event in Tempe. At three of these programs we released rehabilitated raptors for the gathered groups. Between the majesty of the educational birds and the thrill of the release of a raptor we succeeded in inspiring a large group of people of all ages….what a great way to start a new season. And, it continues at that pace and better. Next Saturday we have programs at a Safety Fair, and ASPCA/AAWL event, a Cookout at the Ranch, Health World, Desert Rivers Audubon, and two out of town events, Woodland Wildlife Festival in Pinetop and Soaring Eagle Camp in Sedona.

Each Liberty Wildlife season has an overlap just as our earthly seasons do. The babies have been raised by the exiting Orphan Care group and many of the babies they raised are being released by the educators at their events. What better way is there to showcase the success of rehabilitation and education? So, Orphan Season overlaps Education season and another year rolls around sooner than you think. OK, let me be the first to say it…..only 88 days until Christmas.

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