Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hoots, Howls, & Hollers 09/14/09

It has been a busy week for those of us responsible for producing our annual report and newsletter, WingBeats. Of course, this is our excuse for a shorter than normal blog.

On that note, I would like to appeal to any of you who receive WingBeats in a hard copy format and would prefer to receive it electronically to let us know. We are continuing in our efforts to be as green as possible, and this would be one way to move in that direction. Enough said.

The other thing that has had me captivated this week is the fun discovery of seasonal yard visitors. In my side yard I have a fountain that has easily been discovered by the resident wildlife. The ground squirrels (and other rodents that I don’t see as much—probably for the best) have discovered how to climb on a table nearby and lean with all of their being to reach the spilling water before it disappears into the abyss that eventually allows it to spurt and bubble forth for the hummingbirds, sparrows, towhees, thrashers, grackles, mockingbirds, cactus wrens, and verdins to enjoy.

But, recently, caught by some resplendent flash of color, I looked out (on one of those wonderful occasions when the stars line up and the timing is just perfect) to spy a bright yellow fluff, flittering between the rocks in the fountain and then back to a secret place in the bushy plants beside the fountain and back again into the center of the water. The splashing, wing flipping, and beak dipping was totally entertaining and the exuberance of the little migrant Wilson’s warbler made me yearn for more passing visitors. It is at this point that I wish I had a little neon sign, rooftop, that would advertise my cloistered fountain and announce a respite for those hard working little travelers. Pleasure in the small things exists everywhere if you just take the time to notice. Now my binoculars and bird book are ready at the window….can’t afford a moment’s delay in observing and identifying the temporary new kids on the block. I’m now waiting for the pomegranate leaves to yellow and fall from the branches—a sure sign that the summer is GONE!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan - I had a special bird spotting event recently in my yard too. While hanging the laundry on the line, I noticed a small bird fly from the tree closest to me to another. I looked closer at it and to my surprise it was an elf owl! I saw him there the next day too. That was great.
Also, years ago I released in our yard several orphaned roadrunners from Liberty, and all of a sudden this year we see roadrunners all the time. I like to think they may be some of our success stories.
Best regards, Sue Brachocki