Monday, June 1, 2009

This Week at Liberty 06/01/2009

Some things got wrapped up last week,  some things are just beginning, as others are going on as they always do. What is ALWAYS constant is the way the wonderful volunteers at Liberty do their job with careful professionalism, providing the very best care possible to the hundreds of animals that pass through the organization throughout the year. This, then, was last week...
The American white pelican goes to Sky Harbor.
The great folks at US Airways cargo check him out.
In Atlanta, Keenan, Norris, Kristen, Sam, and Capt. Chris prepare to drive.
Sweet home, Alabama!
The American White pelican flew to ATL last Tuesday. The people at US Airways air cargo are always a big help, and when he arrived, he was met plane-side by a supervisor who drove him to the facility there. He was then taken by Capt. Nicholson who, along with family and friend, drove him to his new home at the Birmingham Zoo. After spending the next few weeks in quarantine (standard zoo practice), he will be added to a wonderfully green pelican habitat to spend his life with others of his specie. Thus ends the final chapter in the saga of "Perry the pelican"! 
A juvenile cattle egret.
We get by with a little help from our friends.
Speaking of waterfowl, we took in a very young cattle egret last week. This little guy is now hanging out with a young green heron who seems to be more than willing to help out a buddy while in the joint
Michelle examines a back injury.
Beautiful child...
Ahh, young birds make many mistakes, and it's up to us to help them survive the learning process.  This young harris' hawk was found alongside a highway in the northwest suburbs presenting symptoms of a serious back injury. It's hit-or-miss from this point, but his chances got appreciably better when the call to the hotline about an "injured eagle" came in.  I'm sure he wasn't offended by the misidentification.  He is the best hands available now.
A dove gets some stitches.
A baby squirrel needs some help.
Jan and Joyce treat an injured GBH.
The variety of creatures that are treated during a given week runs the gamut from small doves needing a head wound sutured, to a baby squirrel who was attacked by a cat, to a great blue heron who had a serious injury. Nothing is turned away from the window, no matter how big, small, or hopeless the case seems.
Everybody gets fluids, no matter how small.
"A Jedi master I could be!"
Three amigos.
One of the cutest arrivals of late was a box containing three little screech owls. We've said over and over again how springtime is NOT the time trim trees, but the message still needs to go out. At least these little guys were spotted and brought in after their home was destroyed. Second chances are what we do best!
It's hard to get them all in one shot!
I just had to get one shot of Hogan's growing throng.  I think (?) there are 16 orphans in this picture, along with momma Hogan (top row, far right!)She let me peek in to get the photo so she must be proud of her efforts.  And she should be...!

The crew from Animal Planet, plus Jan and Laura.
A day prior to their departure back to the UK, the crew from Animal Planet made one more trip to Liberty to film the release of the barbed wire owl from last summer. After nine months, "Klink" as he came to be known (even though the AP folks insisted on calling him 'Huckerby'!) was released a few yards from where he was rescued. He flew extremely well and we completely expect him to do well back in his old territory.  Watch for the release on an upcoming episode of "Animal Cops: Phoenix" on Animal Planet.
It's officially HOT in Phoenix, but the flight training for Sonora is still accomplished early in the day. She keeps in practice and is fed daily by flying between eagle handlers in the front yard at Liberty.
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Anonymous said...

New week, new attempt.........thanks again for your efforts on behalf of so many Terry.I appreciate that a lot....Art

Deborah said...

Terry, I truly love some of your captions! "A Jedi master I could be!" and "Three amigos"

As always, I love your pictures & comments & truly love keeping up on Liberty!

Thanks bunches! Deborah

Elizabeth said...

I think that the eagle was SO Pretty!
I really liked how she would fly from arm to arm. I hope the best for hat eagle!

Kristen Nicholson