Monday, May 25, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 05/25/2009

Here we are five months into 2009—wow how time flies!  And, we have been very busy.  I thought a few statistics might bring this point home more easily.  Every week you get the news of the comings and goings at Liberty, but it is hard to get an idea of the volumes involved in both people and animals affected by Liberty Wildlife.  Here goes:

Since January 1, 2009:

·        Our Education group has presented 256 programs representing only half of the year.  We have officially closed education down for the summer with a few offerings in cool areas of the State or early, early mornings in the Valley.

·        As of 5-20-09 we have taken in 1278 animals as compared to 1181 animals in the previous year at the same time.  Two Saturdays ago we logged in 42 animals, and the following Tuesday we had another banner day with 35 animals admitted in that day.  Don’t forget that each and every other day also has a number of animals admitted.

·        The Research and Conservation team has been busy relocating burrowing owl burrows, moving nests imperiled by utility equipment, and doing rescues across the State.

·        The Volunteer count as of 5-20-09 is 358—an all time high.  The busiest areas at this time of year include 50 new volunteers in Orphan Care (some of these did return from last year).  There are 100 volunteers in the Rescue and Transport department.  The count in Daily Care is 54 and the Hotline is topping 24.  Recently, a 1 ½ hour Hotline shift received 47 calls that had to be responded to, dealt with and logged… just 1 ½ hours in one day! The other very cool thing about these volunteer numbers is that we’ve created a wonderful community of like-minded people who now have a way to passionately interact and give back to a bigger community.

Please know that your donations are working for the better of the animals, the people, and the community as a whole!  We thank each of you for the role you play.

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