Monday, June 1, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 06/01/2009

Because I have been getting so many inquiries about our relocation to Papago Park, I thought I would take a moment to bring everyone up to date.

In our lease agreement it states, among other things, that the Phoenix Zoo from whom we are leasing the land, has to approve of our building design before we can start applying for building permits and the actual construction or our facility.  In light of this we have been checking in with them at different points of the process.  During one of those phases it was discovered that a road that runs through the property would have to be moved to accommodate the Zoo’s Animal Care Center and to provide city fire trucks with the ability to make K-turns to service the property in case of a fire.  What we thought would take under 2 months to complete ended up taking over 5 months…..delays happen, I guess. 

Finally in April we submitted our building drawings, plans, and other requested material to further the approval process along.  To satisfy their needs in the process the Zoo Board has formed a task force whose charge is to gather all of the information that they feel is needed to make the final approval of the Liberty Wildlife project.  We haven’t been given a time line on this yet, but we will keep our supporters and interested followers up to date on the process as we learn anything.  As always, thanks for your interest in our “relocation dream”.  Also, know that we are doing everything possible to expedite the actual move!

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