Monday, March 9, 2009

This Week at Liberty 03/09/2009

Well, I'm on the road in New Mexico doing 17 Liberty education presentations to schools in the Silver City/Deming area. I didn't bring all my pictures from last week, so if it's a little thin this week, I'll do better in two weeks. (Since I'm gone all week, I won't have any shots for next week so I'm taking a break! So, for this week's update... 
Too cute for words!
Some other volunteer used my camera to take this shot of what appears to be a pack rat that came in while I was out doing another program. OK, so it IS after all, a native species...!
The end of this year's bike run.
Miss Arizona Bike Week releases a harris' hawk.
This last Saturday saw the second annual "Born 2B Wild" Liberty Wildlife motorcycle run. Sponsored by Chester's Harley-Davidson in Mesa and supported by Logan's Motorcycles and host of others, the weather was great and everyone had a good time!
Baby hummer gets a meal.
Several baby hummingbirds came in over the past couple of weeks, including this hungry little guy.  Hummers eat every 15 minutes when they are little and take special care. This baby went to Gloria at WildWing for continued neo-natal care.
Melanie unravels while Alison holds.
Beautiful green eyes.
The offending equipment.
Another cormorant arrived this week.  This youngster was tangled up in fishing line, including sinkers and a hook. It took several minutes for Melanie to unravel the mess of nylon while Alison patiently held the struggling bird. Hopefully, he'll be released soon.
A small neighborhood.
Three eggs left at home.
The first eggs were easy...fairly.
A long pole and a bit of a stretch.
The second nest was a little more difficult.
And I don't like heights...!
A two-handed rescue.

Four eggs for our fosters.
OK, I don't get to be in many pictures since I take most of them, but this week I was involved in a nest removal and the man who made the call had a camera.  I had sent Elizabeth, one of our R&T volunteers out to determine the species so the permit could be issued.  The next morning, I went to extract the eggs from two separate owl nests, in adjoining water slides at an aquatic park in Chandler. The eggs had to be scooped out using long handled poles, the second one requiring both hands and a second pole with a net.  All of the eggs are now under our foster moms and will be incubated and raised by these resident birds.  
**********This Week at Liberty will return in two weeks!*********

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, Terry! Wow, the effort to save a few eggs ... admirable indeed! I bet your one Mother Nature's favorite humans ... ; ]