Monday, March 9, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 03/09/2009

Today I want to do a bit of advertising.  We are nearing our annual fundraiser, Wishes for Wildlife, and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to let you know about some terrific items that will be available.  A little planning on your part, a gathering of friends and family, perhaps, will make these offerings really do-able! 

Here are the live auction items:  There is the wine trip to Benovia Winery in the Russian River area of Northern California.  It is beautiful and the wine is beyond beyond.  Four of you will be flown by private jet to the winery near Santa Rosa where you will stay in the winery cottage.  There will be behind the scenes tours to places off the beaten path and unavailable to just anyone.  There will be opportunities to meet and greet with the owners and the winemaker.  And, you will leave the three day vacation with a “stash” of wine that you won’t forget.  This is a wonderful experience.

Then, there is the Houseboat party.  You and your friends, totaling 18, will be squired to and from the boat on Lake Pleasant by limo.  You will be a part of a memorable cocktail party with beverages and cocktail food offerings that will satisfy the palate.  You will cruise the beauty of the lake and take in the loveliness of the evening with your friends….but that isn’t all.  Each of you will be the recipient of a VIP pass to the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction.  This valuable little addition allows you to be an intimate part of the very best of the auction….sitting in the bidder’s section, enjoying food, wine and parties, and hobnobbing with the stars!

And a third item for the live auction is another one that you will want to gather friends and family for.  How about a week in Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, in a villa for 12?  This beautiful home opens out right on the beach with a vista of the Sea of Cortez.  This custom built villa has four suites each with a fireplace and five bathrooms allowing it to sleep 12 comfortably.  It is minutes from restaurants and countless activities.  There are linens, cookware, kayaks, and kids toys and no cleaning fees…..sounds like the perfect family vacation.

Watch for more information on our April 18th Wishes for Wildlife and join in on the fun while helping wildlife.

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