Monday, February 23, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 02/23/2009

Ever been to a baby bird shower?

How about a virtual baby bird shower?

Don’t freak out now~

Anything virtual is bound to be easy.  You can do it any time and any place.

All you need is a desire to help vulnerable little baby birds.

Well, and maybe a few bucks~  Don’t worry, the most reasonable “gift” is just $5!

And for helping out, we’ll share with you some marvelous photographs of baby birds.

Visit and check out our Shower Gift Registry. 

It’s a hoot!

Make a donation by buying a baby gift and we’ll email you a printable picture of the cutest baby bird imaginable.  Use it for your desktop!We’ll also email our Native Baby Puzzle where you match each species to its fledgling photo. 

Come along, join the fun, and help wildlife!

The Baby Bird Shower and Gift Registry will be available online starting March 1, 2009.

Special guest-blogger, Gail Cochrane

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