Monday, February 23, 2009

This Week at Liberty 02/23/2009

OK, a short update this week, but still some beautiful birds! We're all still waiting for the first orphan of the season.  (I got my first "duck nest in my backyard" call tonight! YIPES) We're still getting in the tail end of the first year birds making first year mistakes.  Nature is a tough teacher: The test precedes the lesson!  Here we go...
Toba applies a special wound gel.
Our star acquisition specialist, Naomi, has been able to get many things donated over her time at Liberty, not the least of which is a very effective gel that is applied to wounds on the birds. This wound gel is in use almost constantly and is indispensable in the ICU.  A very special thanks to Mr. Kirk Mears and his company for donating this to Liberty!
The mallard is now out of his orthopedic shoe!
That old mallard who last week had a custom-made plastic foam "shoe" made and applied to his broken foot is now walking almost normally.  Soon to be released, he is doing extremely well thanks to the care he got at Liberty!
A pretty ring-neck duck.
A confused little ring-neck duck was found on a local street last week in north Phoenix.  He hasn't presented any overt symptoms, but seems a bit disoriented and is now in our growing collection of waterfowl under treatment. He doesn't seem to mind sharing the outside pen with the mallard, a goose who had been hit by a car, and the merganser.
I want to go home!
The little screech owl is still recovering from his surgery last week.  the break was bad and in a fairly bad spot, but Dr. Driggers did a superb job of pinning the little bones and although he looks underwhelmed by his situation, he is healing day by day.
Kristine and Misty examine a gorgeous little GHO.
Jan helps with a wing-body wrap.
Purple goes with his beautiful white feathers and yellow eyes.
A particularly pretty little great horned owl arrived last week with a broken wing.  Looking to be a first year bird, he most likely had a close encounter with an internal combustion predator (a car!) His markings are striking and contrasted beautifully with his purple body wrap!
A newly arrived cooper's hawk is examined.
A soggy tail guard is replaced.
This is a beautiful young bird!
One of Liberty's long time friends, Christie Van Cleve, moved to the Sierra Vista area not long ago.  She called last week and met one of our new rescue volunteers, Elizabeth, and delivered two injured cooper's hawks that she had taken in.  They are both beautiful birds and are now getting the full treatment in the ICU. After a long road trip, the tail guards that had been applied needed to be replaced with drier versions!  Accipiters like cooper's need tail protection while in captivity so as not to damage these powerful steering devices!
Abba is sitting on eggs!

Hogan seems contented to incubate her "brood".
Right now, two of our foster moms, Hogan and Abba, are sitting on eggs.  Owls are about the earliest nesting birds in the country, and even if they are infertile (in the case of Hogan), or adoptees found in a stack of hay (as were Abba's clutch), these two veteran moms absolutely love being on a nest full of future owls!

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