Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week at Liberty 09/13/2010

The intake total for the year is now at 2912.
Yes, the rate of arrivals is slowing by the day, which is actually normal for this time of year. Orphan Care officially closed this week and now we're gearing up for the new education season and the holidays.
The vast number of orphaned raptors is diminishing as they are released by lucky volunteers and some luckier members of the public. All this is commemorated in a short video I've attached to this week's update. (I've been in training all week, plus we've been scrambling to get this year's Wing Beats out so I didn't get much done in terms of photography. Mea Culpa!)
Anna goes through the "Shut-down Checklist" in OC.
A rare shot: an empty water fowl enclosure!
Yeah, the seasons they are a'changing! OC closed down as of the 11th, and Anna got the duty to clean and pack stuff up until next spring. We have also released all of the herons and geese so for the first time in many months, the waterfowl pen is empty! (If anybody is interested in joining the Orphan Care team next year, please let me or Carol Suits know! It's a rewarding job and you get to work hands-on with lots of terribly cute little birds every day!)
One new patient: a young turkey vulture from Ajo.
Another new intake is this very aggressive osprey.
Just because it's slowing down doesn't mean it's stopped. On one day last week, Tony had calls on the hotline from north of Globe down to Ajo - at the same time! They all made it to Liberty and the very aggressive osprey and the young turkey vulture are both under care in the ICU. We are definitely a state-wide organization! (Good job Tony - and all the hotliners!!)
Galahad gets some "new shoes."
'Jan's Spa' also treated him to a beak trim.
One of our education merlins got a new set of jesses in preparation for the upcoming education season. Galahad was treated to the new leather straps and then got a beak trim from Jan and Max. Everyone has to look good for the public!
Mary shoots Lexi as Judy holds.
The upper bunk is the best.
Well, hello there!
Mary and Judy from the Education team were feeding and taking some pictures this week and I got this shot of Lexi posing nicely for her photo. Jan also wanted some shots of the cute little screech owls still in our care. It doesn't matter what they're doing, screech owls are always some of the cutest birds we have on property.


Anonymous said...

Adorable video and a good reminder of how many lives Liberty helps. LW, the place of second chances, warms your heart. :)

Deborah said...

Terry, you never cease to amaze me! I loved your video & loved the music. It was so cool to see this. It brings back very fond memories.

Soap Lady Oregon said...

Great job!! Fun to see all the birds. You do amazing work there. I had the privilege of visiting this spring with my sister, Gail. Karen in Beaverton

Anonymous said...

Excellant usual. Great video......Art

Brianne said...

Loved the video! Nice work Terry.

Anonymous said...

Great song choice!