Monday, September 6, 2010

This Week at Liberty 09/06/2010

The intake total for the year is now at 2873.

The intake rate is down significantly, which helps a lot! We are quickly approaching the end of "Baby Bird Season - 2010" and this will also free up some time and resources. But still, we are getting calls from all over the state - for all kinds of animals, including two golden eagles in two days!
Can you find the skunk?
A desert spadefoot toad with a head injury.
Sam applies some ointment.
Carl kept his title in the "Most Odiferous Rescue" category, retrieving a little skunk from the bottom of a window well. We don't usually relocate "nuisance" animals, but this little creature was totally trapped by his predicament. Nice job, Mr. Price! In addition to this species, we also received a desert spadefoot toad with a head injury last week. Not uncommon, these desert amphibians need all the help they can get when the water begins to dry up...
"I'm just hangin' out!"
The little white-throated swifts are still in rehab as of last week. Used to hanging vertically on walls and around their nests, these pretty birds seem to like the easy-to-grab screens on their enclosures, putting their specially designed gripping feet to good use.
At least one leg on this black-necked stilt works!
Sharon explains the process to Jake.
Another fairly uncommon intake last week was this black-necked stilt. The wading bird has a broken leg which is a bad thing for an animal who spend much of his time wading in shallow water looking for food! On hand to learn more about this bird - and Liberty in general - was Sharon Sneva's grandson, Jake, visiting from Malibu.
Toba and Sharon work on the pretty barn owl.
"Green may not be my best color..."
The very handsome barn owl that Sharon rescued a while back appears to have been burned electrically. At first, this discovery was taken as very bad news, but it now seems the burns may not be as extensive as we first thought. The loss of dying tissue has not progressed very far so our hopes are now high for eventual release!
Jan checks the progress of the "big girl" peregrine with Toba, Sharon, and Jake.
The female peregrine who got the surgery recently (see TW@L 08/23/2010) is doing well! The Vet Night team checked on her again this week and her wounds are healing well. The search for a facility who needs a non-flighted peregrine will begin soon.
Dave's first eagle, last Wednesday, doing well.
Dave brings the second one in from Page.
Dave helps as Dr. Orr examines a wing. (photo by Kathy Scioscia)
A blue wrap is carefully applied. (photo by Kathy Scioscia)
The big bird is weighed. (photo by Kathy Scioscia)
Dr. Orr administers fluids. (photo by Kathy Scioscia)

It's time for de-stressing with quiet cage rest. (photo by Kathy Scioscia)
Dave Kendall now holds the record for eagle transports - two in two days! One brought down from a trip of his own up north, and the second from near Page the next day. The first bird is doing well and eating on his own. The second bird has more injuries, presenting injuries including a compound fracture of the humerus as well as probable internal injuries from an automobile collision. But he seems to be a fighter and is holding on to life - so keep a good thought for this wonderful bird.

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The work you do is wonderful! Thank you for your volunteer time to care for our wounded creatures!