Monday, August 30, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 08/30/2010

I may have mentioned a while back that Liberty Wildlife had been selected to be inducted into Wildlife for Tomorrow’s Wildlife Hall of Fame. Last Saturday evening was the night of the induction ceremony, and we’ll consider it a good omen that the monsoon cloud burst and drenching rainstorm announced our arrival.

One of the many nice things about the night was the presence of two tables-full (22 people to be exact) who showed up to support the home team! The emcee, retired outdoor journalist, DeWayne Smith, chuckled when he announced Liberty Wildlife that it was “too bad they couldn’t get anyone to show up in support”. (refreshing sarcasm) We were awesomely impressive! We had representation from the staff, the volunteers, the Board of Directors, and a group that often gets overlooked but never, never should and that is the spouses and significant others. This last group gets little recognition, but it is greatly important to have their support…without their patience and giving natures, many hours of staff and volunteer dedication might be lost to the organization. Needless to say, we love them!

The event started with an interesting silent auction. I was beat out on the item I wanted…never fails that someone sneaks in at the last minute and over bids…but it is all for wildlife so it doesn’t matter. The program included a lively live auction and the announcement of the winners of the silent auction items (when I was disappointed to find out my item was scooped!). Major introductions were made including the Game and Fish Commission, the Director of Arizona Game and Fish, Larry Voyles, and introductory words were made by the President of Wildlife for Tomorrow, Steve Hirsch.

The inductees included William Cordasco, President of the Babbitt Ranches Company, Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club, Michael Golightly, a member of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission for fifteen years, and Liberty Wildlife, because of “our ongoing efforts to enhance, protect, and restore the welfare of Arizona’s wildlife” (among many, many other things…my comment). It was a thrilling honor for us, and I was very proud to be able to recognize that the spotlight should be placed on Dr. Kathy Orr, our founder, and the staff, volunteers, and let’s not forget the donors who make it all happen.

It is to you and to the Wildlife for Tomorrow organization that I extend hearty thanks for this honor being added to the list of “greats” for Liberty Wildlife! I wish you could have all been there.

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