Monday, November 16, 2009

This Week at Liberty 11/16/2009

As we'd expect this time of year, mostly first year birds on the intake list, but a few adults, including one of our own, sometimes show up for treatment. Then, a great double release with a double program to go along with it to top things off!
One of the baby tortoises gets into mischief.
Several weeks ago almost two dozen desert tortoises arrived at the facility in two days, including a bunch of first year babies. Last week they were all playing in their enclosure when one little guy managed to flip himself over in the water dish. Always under careful supervision, a Liberty volunteer quickly righted him and dried him off. He appeared no worse off for his small misadventure. Kids!
Lily and Michelle examine a GBH.
A couple more great blue herons were taken in. Luckily we still have a lot of fish from the hatchery in Page Springs.
Marian and Dr.Orr suture a roadrunner.
"I'd rather be someplace else..."
Dr. Orr's daughter is now a vet herself, practicing in the Flagstaff area. She sent down a young roadrunner recently that she had treated but which needed some additional care. He is now in our facility and will likely spend some time with the other orphans we have until ready to be released.
Kristine and Toba unwrap a wing.
The little cattle egret that came in a few weeks ago lost his wing. As the result of an unknown injury, the damage was too severe and the wing was removed last week. Fortunately, he is placeable and will most likely find a home at the Phoenix Zoo.
Our own Ophelia gets a new leg wrap.
Alison and Joanie check a GHO while Nina holds.
Alison looks for evidence of electrical injury.
Kristine holds a head trauma GHO for Toba.
Jan checks for additional injury during "Vet Night"
Tuesday is traditionally "Vet Night" at Liberty. This is when all animals in the ICU are given a thorough exam and evaluation as to condition, required treatment, and prognosis. Currently, we have lots of great horned owls including one with an eye that needs to be removed surgically, a possible electrical injury, and our own foster mom, Ophelia, who injured her leg and is now recovering.
Melanie and Denise examine a cooper's hawk.
An injured wing is wrapped.
Cooper's hawks are migrating and sometimes when they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, they collide with things that come between them and their primary prey - other birds who ARE in their territory. Wings, heads, and legs take a beating against windows, cars, branches, and wires encountered in hot pursuit.
Jan and John speak with Tribal Officials.
Two more harris' hawks go home.

John and Jan give a presentation to the community.
Last June, John Glitsos accomplished a rescue of a harris' hawk on the Ft.McDowell Reservation. The bird was rehabbed at Liberty, finding a friend who was rescued from the same general area during the process. Last week, we took the two birds back to the same spot and after a short blessing from the Tribal President, they were both released. Then Jan and John put on a presentation with Trick and Lance for the local school children. They had named the released birds "Strong Bird" and Healed" and will keep an eye on them as they fly around their school.
Not a native, but rescued all the same.
Volunteer Danielle Dunn was on her way to Liberty last week and found this muscovy duck needing some help while on her way. Stopping and rescuing the confused duck, she brought it in for some evaluation and care.
OK, FOLKS! The Liberty Wildlife Volunteer Appreciation Picnic is this Saturday from 2 - 5PM at the Para Club in Tempe! Be there or miss the fun! If you come, please bring your Liberty badge. We will be giving away lots of goodies to those who attend!

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