Monday, November 9, 2009

The world of avian rehabilitation recently lost one of its local “giants”. That moniker is a bit misleading as it describes someone with a very tiny physique…a physique that could, however, barely contain the bigger soul. Loreen Bustardi was a tiny woman with an enormous spirit. She exhibited a passion for birds, wild and tame, native and non-native. If they had feathers she was there to defend, assist, or just befriend them. And, nothing or no one could stand in her way. I am sure there wasn’t a person who knew her who hadn’t had a Loreen moment. If her tenacious demeanor crossed with another….let the crosser beware. It was this single minded nature that allowed her to persevere when the fates were bedeviling her. All of that being said, everyone admired and respected her total commitment to helping a bird of any feather. She was relentlessly loyal to her cause but was untimely betrayed by her body.

I feel sure that her tiny bird-like self has sprouted feathers and wings and that she is soaring now with all of her feathered friends. Farewell, Loreen, you are truly in your element free from the heaviness that of recent has held you down. I am sure you can hear the gratitude from those of us who know what you accomplished in too few years.

Fly free.

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David Lord said...

That is probably the most BEAUTIFUL eulogy I've ever read! She certainly can write her thoughts.