Monday, April 20, 2009

This Week at Liberty 04/20/2009

The week was very busy with intakes of orphans, caring for the injured birds, and preparing for the Wishes for Wildlife fundraiser. The staff and volunteers did an exceptional job of balancing duties and still getting everything done in a timely manor.  It seems to be raining GHOs, both orphans and injured this past week, along with several Canada geese and their offspring, to supplement the growing cadre of families at Liberty...
An injured right wing is seen in the photo...
The camera is increasingly becoming a useful diagnostic tool for us.  Several times in the past, injuries that are hard to spot while birds are in motion can be studied at length in the facility via detailed photos taken of the animal while it is still in the wild.  The white pelican was one example, and this week a great horned owl was called in that appeared to be injured but was still in a tree.  A couple of photos confirmed that he had a damaged wing and he was subsequently retrieved and is now in treatment.
Mother goose and six goslings.
Talk about your goose down comforter...!
Last week a canada goose family was seen trying to cross Shea boulevard near Liberty.  They were being led by a concerned lady from the police department.  The family made it across the busy six-lane road with her help, and now, along with two more wayward goslings who have joined the brood, are resting at Liberty before being moved to a more suitable place.
Judy holds while Amanda examines.
A badly wounded wing is discovered.
An injured GHO was seen in a back yard this week, standing on the ground and not flying. After three days, the owner finally made a call and was rescued by Paul of WildWing. By this time, his injuries were severely infected. Lesson: If you see any wild animal engaging in what you think is atypical behavior, make a call to Liberty or any other wildlife facility. Timing can be critical for the animal's survival! 
The injured baby bald eagle gets some cage rest.
The little bald eagle that came in last week went in for surgery today.  Dr.Orr was disappointed in that the damage she found was worse than the x-rays showed.  The wrist damage was repairable, but the broken wing bone on the other wing was cracked and fragmented.  The bone has a low probability of being strong enough to sustain flight so his candidacy for release is doubtful.  The good news is that he is now eating better and his eventual recovery is more likely.  More to come...
Box o' barn owls...!
Mamma Hogan watches her brood.
Hamlet (left) and Ophelia (upper shelf) watch me...
OK, we think these are thrashers...we'll let you know in a few weeks!
The baby road runners get some sun.
Baby heron in a brooder.
A baby raven gets fluids.
The babies are raining down on Liberty!  More show up each day, and the OC volunteers are doing a superb job of maintaining these little wonders. Ravens, thrashers, mockers, starlings, sparrows, none are turned away from the Orphan Care center at the facility. 
The Corporate Chairman and his daughter get ready to release a GHO.
I am SO outta here!
This year's Wishes for Wildlife fundraiser went off smoothly and happily under perfect weather conditions last Saturday.  The crowd was thrilled by a display of flying exotic raptors from around the world, and the Honorary Corporate Chairperson, Craig Jackson (of Barret-Jackson fame) and his daughter were able to release a rehabilitated GHO into the freedom of the Arizona night. The bird, I'm sure, was thrilled, as were the people releasing and those watching. The perfect ending to a perfect evening!

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