Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 04/20/2009

Wishes for Wildlife, our annual auction/dinner is now behind us.  I want to thank everyone involved including guests, donors, volunteers, Guardians, and staff for the Herculean efforts in all categories.  Everyone starred and everyone scored….and all of this was done for the benefit of native wildlife.  The best part for me was introducing our mission to new people.  You find passion in surprising places….people just like me who fell in love with an eagle or with an owl or with some other animal for whatever reason….it doesn’t matter.   What matters is that they care, and they are willing to act on that caring.  My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who were involved on any level….you have acted where it counts, and we are most grateful.

On another subject….this week provides us with a special day, Earth Day.  We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd  because Senator Gaylord Nelson, indignant  from witnessing the result of an oil spill in California, promoted an environmental teach in day that would end up involving over 20 million people.  I was one of those people.  I taught in a junior high school in Austin, Texas, Allan Junior High School.  The 70’s were a truly interesting time where protest and involvement were the norm.  My students took the cause on with a vengeance with me at the helm…..it was so much fun.  We raised money, and I honestly can’t remember how, but I know it was all on the up and up…..and the result was tree planting at its best.  I was reminiscing and trying to imagine how big those trees are now almost 40 years later.  I guess I would rather think about how splendid the trees are than how old I am and how old that class of eighth graders is now.  I am guessing they have grandchildren, and I am hoping that this week they are also remembering the trees planted on the first Earth Day and passing on the passion to a younger generation!

Take this as a reminder to respect the earth and its inhabitants, and do your part to make it better.

Happy Earth Day…………Hey, how come there are no Earth Day cards?….now there is a question to ponder.  I guess we’ll know we have arrived when Hallmark carries a line of Earth Day Greetings….here’s  a niche for someone.


Brenda Bond AKA: Ubercounselor said...

I really appreciated the opportunity to donate a sculpture for your event. Are there any pictures of the event? I would love to get a sense of it all!

Brenda Bond

achong said...

Respect for you. We need someone like you who give attention to environment. Have a nice day.