Monday, February 16, 2009

This Week at Liberty 02/16/2009

We have one or two updates on previous patients for this week, a couple of “firsts” for some Liberty volunteers, and a “last” for another.  Some interesting waterfowl arrived, and someone noticed some very intriguing markings on one of our new education birds!  Let’s jump right in…

The little screech owl from last week's update gets triaged.
A pretty yellow wrap for another journey to Dr. Drigger's office.
Remember the little screech owl that was the first story last week?  He has the distinction of being the first bird (I think!) that has ever made it into TW@L before he actually got to Liberty! I brought him up last Tuesday morning when Sarah and Donna evaluated his injury.  He had a fairly serious fracture of the right wing near his shoulder, but since it was so fresh, Dr. Driggers agreed to pin the break that day.  He was wrapped for the second trip of the day and he had surgery that afternoon.  He is now recovering in the ICU and we’re hopeful he’ll make a full recovery.
Beautiful eyes make an age transition...
Jan watches Joanie irrigate a wound as Tony holds.
A flexible foam splint is applied.
Yellow vet-wrap works on hawks too!
Tony weighs the bird.
Tony, one of our new Rescue & Transport volunteers (he also does a Hotline shift!) brought in a beautiful red tail from the Casa Grande area. Another bad wing break was discovered as Joanie examined him as Tony held. Under Jan’s supervision, the wound was cleaned, bandaged, splinted and wrapped. Tony then weighed him and he went into a brooder for rest and de-stressing.
Carol's first rescue is examined by Sarah and Dr. Amy.
A broken wing is carefully wrapped. 
Dr. Amy demonstrates IM fluids.
Another “first” for the week was the rescue of a harris’ hawk by Carol. Not new to Liberty, Carol has recently joined the R&T team and did a great job bringing in this wounded hawk. Another volunteer new to Liberty, Dr. Amy, was on hand to do the evaluation and initial wing wrap.  She also demonstrated giving fluids IM as opposed to the usual IV method. She will be a valuable addition to the Medical Services crew!
Lily carefully holds a black-crowned night heron.
An "uncommon" common merganser.
Travis holds a male mallard.
A broken toe gets an orthopedic slipper!
In the waterfowl department, Carl Price brought in a black-crowned night heron in breeding plumage that is currently under treatment.  We also received a common merganser from Jeanie.  Not at all common in these parts, he is also in the ICU for evaluation and treatment.   A more common arrival was a male mallard with a broken toe.  He was fitted with a foam “shoe” which will act as a splint until his foot heals. He was treated by Travis, one of our longer-term volunteers who was also a biologist in our Research & Conservation team.  Today (Monday) was his last day at Liberty as he is leaving for Texas to work at the FT.Worth Zoo.  We will miss him at Liberty!
Veto has heart!
Last week, some of our Education volunteers noticed that Veto, one of our new Education kestrels, had some interesting markings. On both sides of his chest, where male kestrels are supposed to have spots, Veto has some hearts!  And just in time for last Saturday – Valentine’s day! 

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