Monday, February 9, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 02/09/2009

What can be better than a predawn Sunday morning with no agenda and the distinct pitter patter of rain on the roof?  This morning was wondrous.  A break in the clouds allowed for a quick dog walk and the accompanying bouquet to the senses. 

Can everyone else see the clarity of the air as if every molecule had just been to the car wash?  The only hidden sight was the clouded part of the mountain…haloed just high enough to allow for condensation to encircle the red rocks with a magical mist….have I awakened to another reality?  This is a desert, and we don’t get these mornings too often, but when they bless us they aren’t to be missed.

Then there are the smells.  Moisture clinging to leaves, creosote, mesquite, palo verdes, brittle bush, eucalyptus, and wet earth, wet dogs….they all come together to enhance the glorious morning.

Peaking through the soggy ground are tiny sprouts that bespeak the spring wildflowers and this year looks to be memorable.  This new growth is also a harbinger of the babies of spring….bountiful no doubt as wet seasons produce food and plentiful food supplies trigger big broods, certain double clutches, and full dens…..a busy baby season at Liberty Wildlife.

It won’t be long before the first little basket, box, or bag shows up at the window with a peeping or whimpering sound emanating from the recesses of the container.  Those little peeps and whines will need tending………food, clean substrates, and medical care.  And, here’s where you can help. 


Liberty Wildlife is throwing a virtual baby shower…..we’ll need your help to supply the millions of mealworms, the thousands of mice, the tubs of monkey chow, turkey crumbles and seeds that will make up for our lack of mother nature’s natural fare.

You are ENTHUSIASTICALLY INVITED to our baby shower. To participate go to our store, any time after March 1st to check out the baby registry and see what you can do to ease the drain of raising thousands of native baby animals.  It is an easy way to help with the process and each little vulnerable soul will thank you as it goes back into the wild.  And, we will thank you for your badly needed assistance!

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