Monday, October 27, 2008

This Week at Liberty 10/27/2008

In the slower time of the year, the number of intakes drops off, but other projects still take up the time of the Liberty people.  Training of new advanced volunteers takes weeks, and now is the perfect time to accomplish this task.  And, as always, the animals keep coming in...
Betty learns the techniques of "wellness checks".
Travis holds Nakona for her exam.
Oh, the indignity of it all...!
As we are in the thick of the education season, the health of all of our non-releasable birds is always in mind.  This week, Marion took time to help new Medical Services volunteers learn some of the techniques and skills used in giving "wellness checks" to three of our resident hawks.
Joan and Arlene check and re-wrap a wing.
This little bird is NOT happy with the situation.
Last week a little burrowing owl was found under a truck on the west side of the valley.  Alan Spencer, one of our 'go-to' Rescue and Transport volunteers brought him in with what appeared to be a broken wing.  His spirit is definitely undaunted as he protests almost all of his handling.
A beautiful prairie falcon is given some food.
A gorgeous prairie falcon arrived from south of the valley and is now in the ICU.  He is being tested for several possible problems but has a good spirit and we have high hopes for his recovery.
Melissah holds another juvenile turkey vulture for assessment.
Melanie examines an old break in his wing.
The injury is wrapped prior to X-ray.
We might go years without seeing an injured turkey vulture, and then this year, we've gotten in two in the last two weeks. Both juveniles (note the black head), they require different handling techniques since they actually will bite, along with their normal defense mechanism of throwing up!
Leslie holds an injured GHO.
The evidence is bagged.
Another gunshot wound...
One of the main causes of death for great horned owls in the lower forty-eight states is GSW - gun shot wounds.  Although protected by federal law, GHOs are still shot by people who are either ignorant of the law, or just don't care. In the wild, humans are their only natural enemies. This little guy showed conclusive evidence of having been shot.
Marion holds an arriving pacific loon.
The weigh-in...
Mobility is tested.
A dip in the sink is cool and refreshing for this waterfowl.
Loons are extremely interesting.  They are beautiful to see, haunting to hear, and are absolutely out of their element on the ground.  This guy was brought in from the Deer Valley Airport where he was found on the ground.  Loons cannot get airborne from land.  The arrangement of their anatomy precludes take-off unless they are on water, leading to trouble for loons in an area without appreciable water (like Phoenix!) This bird also presented symptoms of internal injuries and is now in intensive care.

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