Monday, September 15, 2008

This Week at Liberty 09/15/2008

Well, the intake level has definitely dropped!  We are still getting birds and animals in, but the pace is now quite manageable! So for this update, let's look at a few new arrivals, updates on recent patients,  some interesting events that have occurred!  
Growing gathering of gregariousness
Sigh...the young raccoons keep coming in. They're cute, but the care they require is higher than you'd expect since only volunteers (and staff...ahem) who have had the rabies vaccine protocol can enter their enclosure and clean/feed them.  When they become totally self sufficient, they'll be released.  "Coming soon to a garbage can near you!"
Not ready for a Prime Time Geico commercial
So birds are not the only animals at risk from housecats.  This little gecko was brought in last week after the family cat took exception to his presence.  Cats cause a lot of damage to an environment that has evolved without them.  Once again, they're called "House" cats for a reason...
Missing a toe
This little woodpecker is having a tough time of it, but is hanging in there.  Last week one of his toes was amputated due to an infection.  Well, we do have a one-legged road runner that's doing great...!
Frodo on the glove
The iris of an old burrowing owl
The eye machine looks intimidating!
A good little patient!
It was over seven years ago that I brought in a fledgling burrowing owl that we named Frodo. His only problem was that he was totally imprinted and in being so, he quickly became one of the favorites of the Education team and school kids alike. Lately, he has exhibited some symptoms that led us to believe he might have eye problems. Last week, he was taken to our volunteer eye specialist who, after convincing him that the big white machine was not going to eat him, examined his eyes and pronounced his visual equipment undamaged. It seems he is just getting old - seven is an advanced age for a burrowing owl. (bottom 2 photos by Marion and the staff of the eye clinic)
Pippin is understandably distrustful of visitors!
The most exciting(!) event of last week occurred in the enclosure of our burrowing owl foster parents, Merry and Pippin.  Although various ramps, perches, and enclosures are provided for all our birds, Pippin is flight-impaired.  Normally this isn't a problem for burrowing owls, but last week, a large gopher snake tunneled into the B.O. enclosure.  Luckily, the situation was discovered by the Daily Care people and Missi ran for the snake pole.  She arrived just in time to save Pippin who, unable to fly to safety, was being squeezed in the coils of the constrictor. The snake was removed and relocated, and Pippin was taken into the ICU for some R&R after his brush with disaster! The snake's tunnel was filled in and measures are being taken to prevent a re-occurrence. 
Denise and Missi work on the goose
More damage from fishing gear!
A patient with patience...
Another example of carelessness with fishing gear!  A Canada Goose came in with monofilament tightly wrapped around his leg.  Quite common, what happens next is the leg swells, further tightening the line until the skin breaks through.  Then the skin will sometimes grow back over the embedded line.  The goose went through surgery last week to remove the line and repair the damage to the leg.  He's getting better and will hopefully survive to be released in a few weeks. ONE MORE TIME: Be careful with your fishing gear.  It can cause pain and suffering beyond that of the fish!
The golden eagle is improving
A hopeful flight...!
The young Golden Eagle who came in recently is improving.  It now appears his wing is not broken, but possibly just bruised.  An X-ray will confirm that, but not until his weight comes up.  We did get the results of his blood tests and the presence of aspergilloisis was confirmed. Common in large raptors, this lung disease hits a lot of young golden eagles, especially those who might already have compromised immune systems due to injury or malnutrition. His treatment is continuing...


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