Monday, September 15, 2008

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

In tough times non-profit organizations are called on more than ever to provide badly needed services to the community.

Like in today’s world, among other things fuel costs are off the charts.  Many people call us having found an injured animal somewhere across the valley or even across the state.  They care about this creature but find themselves with not enough resources to get it to us for the care it clearly needs.  They could be forced to watch it suffer and die needlessly.  That is when a non-profit like Liberty Wildlife jumps into service by sending a rescue volunteer to help.  We provide for the fuel costs to transport the animal, medical care, food and other necessities—all free of charge. 

Schools are forced to cut back on other than basic skill needs.  Forget enrichment programs—art, band, physical education and environmental education bite the dirt in budget cut times.  Again, non profits can rise to the occasion.  Liberty Wildlife provides educational programming that not only teaches natural history, but also compassion and stewardship skills. 

But, non-profits don’t run the mint—we can’t print the “green” as we need it to provide the services called for by the community.  We depend on the philanthropic world to help us fulfill our missions.

It’s funny; I always wanted to be a philanthropist when I grew up.  I guess I got the “want” a little backwards…something went haywire in my dreams…instead I seem to “need” a philanthropist to do the job I grew up into!  What gives with that?

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