Monday, September 1, 2008

This Week at Liberty 09/01/2008

Well, the "baby bird season" is grinding to a halt slowly, but we're still seeing little ones, even some that are not really expected this time of year...

Four on the wall

Just hangin' around...

Two more pairs of racoon youngsters showed up last week. We were hoping the mom would have been trapped as well, but no such luck. We'll keep feeding these guys until it's determined that they can either be released, or transferred to Southwest Wildlife for further rehab. (I thought I'd include a shot of the amazing smorgasbord that Laura set out for them!)

Alison brings in two very late Barn Owl nestlings
About five months late, by most reckoning, two Barn Owl nestlings came in this week. And we thought we 'd just put the last of this year's orphans in the live kill enclosure... Now, Abba and Tytus are going back to work as foster parents one more time.
Feeding a young hummingbird
Two little hummers came in after one of the big monsoon storms this week. The weather is extremely hard on first year birds, accounting for perhaps half of all yearling mortality. They were transferred to Gloria at Wildwing for final rehab and release.

Not your usual Liberty Wildlife intake
Examining the wing of a Vaux's Swift
Now that a lot of bird migration has begun, we are seeing some out-of-the-ordinary arrivals at the intake window. This week, among the more uncommon birds was a beautiful little Vaux's Swift. Normally found farther west in California, this little guy was a bit far afield. Luckily, he was not really injured and has been released to rejoin the migration.
Claudia holds a refugee from the Taliban...NOT!
Joe cuts new jesses
Anklets are fitted to each leg

The metal grommets are hammered in place
Jan trims each talon with care
Then the beak is shaped after coping to proper length
As the education season approaches, all of our Ed Collection birds were given some basic maintenance this week. Each bird was assessed for talon and beak length and shape, as well as having their anklets and jesses inspected and replaced if necessary. Joe Miller did the leather and metal work on the equipment, and Jan Miller did the trimming honors as Max, Craig, and Claudia held. Everybody if ready to go!

Sonoran Mud Turtle
Cute little guy...or girl...!
Another refugee from the massive storms this week was this Sonoran Mud Turtle. He was found walking down the street after the monsoonal deluge that caused all the damage this week. After a quick evealuation, he was released back into his habitat.

Little tortoise with possible leg problems
To complete our Chelonian intake this week, in addition to the mud turtle, a small tortoise arrived who might have some leg damage. All tortoises who come in contact with humans are evaluated for possible entry into the adoption program, but only after they get whatever medical treatment is required.

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