Monday, August 25, 2008

Hoots, Howls, & Hollers 08/25/08

Well just when you think it is over another little one “wings” its way into our Orphan Care room and as always it didn’t come in on its own!

Now that the kids are going back to their classes and school supplies are in all of the stores, I always think that the Orphan Care season should be ending. Once again I am premature. A baby dove just arrived and will delay the ending of the season for all of us. But, as things do slow down we can look back at some numbers to get an idea of what a busy season it has been like.

To begin with, we must acknowledge the volunteers who helped us feed, clean, fledge, and release the babies that came in this year. Thirty five caring volunteers gave up hours of their time to come in to tend to the babies in our charge. They religiously arrived from seven in the morning to seven in the evening from April through August to do a rewarding job. And, trust me, this is a job that we couldn’t handle without all of this dedication by volunteers here to truly “nurture the nature of Arizona”.

Of the 3,121 animals that have come in so far this year 1,992 were egg, nestlings, hatchlings, fledglings, or juveniles unable to make it on their own in the wild. This means that they have to be logged in, assessed, treated, housed, medicated, fed, cleaned up after, encouraged to eat on their own, fledged into flight cages, mentored by adults of their species and ultimately released into the wild….and don’t forget all of the paperwork left behind. This adds up to a lot of animals a lot of activity, and a lot of dedication in a short season.

Along these lines, you might be interested in knowing that we fed these animals 120,000 wax worms, 1250 pounds of seed varieties and crumbles, and 28,000 mice. It doesn’t count the medicines, x rays, and other medical supplies. They all needed something in order to return to the wild. They all got a second chance. They all got lucky to come into Liberty Wildlife. Thanks also to each of you for the role you played through donations or finding and bringing in a creature in need.

And next orphan care season will be here before we realize it. Yikes!

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Deborah said...

As always, all of the Liberty volunteers do yeomen's jobs with no pay.

Terry, the pictures are still well traveled & very much enjoyed. A lot of them end up as desk tops on my computer--both at work & at home.

Thanks to everyone!

Deborah Barrett