Monday, February 28, 2011

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 02/28/2011

Wow another month bites the dust!

What better way to end a month than by releasing two eagles—one golden eagle and one bald eagle? Joe and Jan did the honors of squiring the birds to their new homes in the wild and said it was a beautiful thing to see. I am so sorry that I can’t report on it from a personal view…maybe next time. Terry has photos of preparing for the release. Your imagination will have to do the rest.

I also wanted to brag a little bit about the impressive diversity of educational opportunities that our education volunteers supply to the public. Take one slice of the schedule for an upcoming ten day period. The range covers a vast landscape starting with a traditional school in Queen Creek of 150-200 first through eighth graders, moving to two days at the Tres Rios Nature Festival for thousands of all age learners and next to the Riparian Institute of 500 three through eight year olds. A Chandler Junior High will host Liberty Wildlife educators for 125 seventh graders. Soon after that we will be presenting to an Adult Day Care Center for twenty dementia patients and will end the short snapshot of our education schedule with a program in Sun City for 80-100 Sun City Singles group. Sprinkled in with this diverse group of programs are others more typical of what we do every day during the education season.

Not only does this awesome Education Department and their Ambassadors cover a huge part of the valley mile-wise, they adapt to a truly diverse group of skills, educations, experiences, and ages. To fill it out we are currently working to create a pre-school program having all bases covered in the near future.

It only proves that you are never too young or too old to learn about the beauty and benefits of our native wildlife neighbors.

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