Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Week at Liberty 01/10/2011

The intake total for this year now stands at 18.
A smattering of rehab treatments are highlighted this week, some are previous patients, some are new. A couple of interesting shots round out the weekly posting. As Rod Serling would say, "Submitted for your approval..."
Phoenix (upper right) is Liberty's own "War Eagle!" (photo by unidentified guest)
Phoenix attended two educational events today, both populated by ardent Auburn fans. This one was just below Camelback Mountain at the home of Liberty supporter Jamie Lendrum who had over fifty guests in attendance. Phoenix then went to a program near Scottsdale Fashion Mall for over 1,000 more people headed to the BCS game tonight in Glendale.
An unfortunate inca dove is impaled by a blow dart. (photo by Leslie Guenther)
Jan removes the offending missile. (photo by Lesley Guenther)
Recently, some one brought in a little inca dove with a blow dart through her body. Actually, this is not an uncommon problem, especially right after Christmas. Luckily Jan was able to extract the wire dart and apparently since it was so thin and didn't hit anything vital, the bird will soon recover fully. Blow darts (in fact weapons of any sort) are a questionable gift for children since the temptation to aim at things apart from targets is quite high.
Cactus wren with a broken beak.
This little cactus wren somehow broke the upper portion of his beak but was lucky enough to find his way to Liberty. While he was in the ICU, he got free of his handlers and got into the office. I spent a couple of hours tracking him behind the many desks and cabinets until he got back out into the ICU area and was finally apprehended and placed in a brooder to heal his injury.
A little harris' hawk has a wing injury.
Denise holds and Anita feeds.
A young HaHa came in recently with a wing injury and a dislocated leg. The bird is young and is improving slowly as he gets the best care possible from the Med Services team.
Maureen helps Arlene treat the GBH.
The great blue heron is doing better as he responds to treatment for an injured wing. As he is in his breeding plumage, we want to get him back in shape to be released as soon as possible. The updates will continue...
The golden eagle gets some new foot wraps.
The bumble foot is greatly improved.
Some antibiotics are administered.
The big bird has some sporty new shoes!
The golden eagle that developed bumble foot recently is getting better. His wraps were removed and changed last week (a three person job!) and it looks like the lesions are shrinking quickly. Hopefully, he'll be fully recovered soon.
Denise and Cheyenne work on a cooper's hawk Jerry brought in.
Apparently shot, the little bird's world is turned upside-down.
Another apparent gun-shot wound showed up last week in the form of a wounded cooper's hawk. It's hard to imagine what people are thinking when they shoot at birds like this. Some folks don't like accipiters since they prey mainly on other birds, sometimes those that populate bird-feeders. You just need to realize that's how nature works and be glad you can witness it happening.
Tony brings in a pretty little sharp-shinned hawk.
Katrina works on the sharpie as D.C. holds.
The wound is cleaned.
Katrina makes a splint.
The splint is wrapped to the broken wing.
Some birds seem more fragile than others, even if they make their living killing others of their kind. This little sharp-shinned hawk collided with some rafters in a barn and broke a wing. Katrina washed the wound and made a beautiful splint from a padded tongue-depressor which she then wrapped to the broken appendage. Daniel (D.C.) helped her in one of his last volunteer days for a while. He is going to basic training at Ft. Benning soon but promised to return when he gets out of BT.
Yes, this really IS Arizona!
Just to confirm that we truly are going through a cold winter here in the southwest, this shot of bundled up volunteers last week should be proof. On some days, the water in the hoses used to clean cages and fill water dishes was frozen in the morning. But no one calls in "too cold" and the work still gets done, cheerfully, in the "layered look" that is so in vogue!

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