Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Year at Liberty 2010

As the year 2010 comes to an end, the intake total is 3244 (as of 9am, 12/31)
Just as it happens every year, we had some stunning successes as well as some heartbreaking losses. But in the almost thirty years Liberty has been in the picture, helping Arizona's wildlife, that is just the way it works. We relish the times we get to put one in the win column, and try to move as stoically as possible passed the times we're unable to undo the damage wrought on these wonderful animals who are just trying to live to see another sunrise. And in all this, the wonderful volunteers go on, doing their jobs day after day, with only one thought: Make the lives of these creatures better.
It's become some kind of a small tradition that each Dec 31, I sort through all the photos I used in the TW@L updates each week and randomly select a few to produce a slide show that covers the previous year. So here, in no particular order or ranking, are some of he shots that made TW@L what it was in 2010...

Happy New Year to everyone from This Week at Liberty!


Corey Flood said...

You guys are the coolest.Thanks for all the wonderful gifts. Happy New Year.Corey Flood

Anonymous said...

Terry, thanks for the reminder of a great's to an even better one in 2011. Megan

Anonymous said...

Makes my heart sing to see all the wonderful work you do to save our winged friends. Namaste, Sue Collins