Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week at Liberty 11/08/2010

The intake total for the year is now 3117.
OK, you can see that the intake rate is very slow now, but it seems to come in clumps, with a few notable exceptions. We're still getting in a surprising number of cooper's and sharp-shinned hawks, and a very "untimely" visitor showed up last week.
And then there is the big girl...!!
Toba, Joanie, and Sharon work on a barn owl.
Sharon gives it the "sniff test"...
A little barn owl arrived last week, presenting unknown injuries. When he was brought out for the 'Vet Night' exam, Sharon noticed a distinct odor which she investigated the best way possible - the "Sniff Test"! I guess the results were negative as the treatment wasn't altered. The bird is still under observation for some atypical behavior and symptoms.
Yet another cooper's hawk arrives! (photo by John Glitsos)
Donna and Lesley perform the intake exam. (photo by John Glitsos)
And still they come... accipiters, that is. John brought in another cooper's hawk last week, with some expected presentations. These birds are currently migrating through the area and when in strange territory, it seems they are prone to colliding with a myriad of immovable structures - like windows! Head and back trauma is the norm and some recover while others, sadly, will not. This little guy is in the best of hands and we always have high hopes.
Just outside the north door to the ICU. Maybe he knew who was inside...
Hard to believe - a fledgling HaHa in November!
This little one is either WAY late, or WAY early!
I think it's "global warming!" Maybe, the coriolis force, I don't know. But what I do know is, we should NOT be getting fledgling harris' hawks in in November! When this little bird showed up, we were all dumbfounded. But then again, since our climate is so hospitable, some local hawks breed non-stop throughout the year. After being examined and found otherwise fit, the little bird was placed with Sequoia, our HaHa foster mom who saw nothing out of the ordinary with the arrival of a new foster! Mother and child are doing nicely.
Daily doses of fluids were the norm all last week.
She's getting feisty - a very good sign!
More blood is drawn on Sunday.
The blood of an eagle...!
Jan begins the evaluation.
The lead level is at 37.6 - it should be below 10.

Treatments for the lead contamination continue...
The big girl from the Verde Canyon RR is still in the ICU. She has already improved dramatically from when she arrived (see Megan's HHH above) but she has a ways to go before she is out of the woods entirely. She is being closely monitored by Jan and Dr. Orr to check her progress. We'll keep everyone posted as updates occur.

Don't forget the Liberty Volunteer Appreciation Picnic this Sunday at the Pera Club in Tempe!
Contact Carol Suits ( for details and to RSVP.


pamelajocorey said...

Oh, I am so moved by this story of "Big Girl". I am a hotline volunteer, unable to do rescue at this time, but I would love to help her in any way. Many of your blogs about all the memorable "cases' have touched me but this one is the clincher. Big Girl will stay in my mind for a long time.

Pam Corey

pamelajocorey said...

Big Girl touched my heart like no other Liberty Wildlife blog. I am a hotline volunteer and would love to do rescue, but can not at this time.

It is heartwarming to know that the railroads care so much to employ such wonderful professionals to help the creatures who can not help themselves.

I thank them..

Pamela Corey

Bethany F said...

Terry I LOVE that picture of you and Jan with the big girl. You both are such blessings our little feathery patients.

PS I've lost count of all the Coops I've seen the past couple weeks. Just this morning I saw one on the lamp post outside my house where he perched for just a moment before launching into rocket speed after his breakfast. And my backyard, freshly seeded, is an all you can eat buffet...Dove omelet anyone? Those guys just amaze me.