Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 11/29/2010

Thanksgiving may be behind us, but its essence isn’t over yet. That being said…...Feel the Spirit!

We are looking for partners. You could be one….sign up for partnerships designed to catapult our mission to “new heights”. Partners can volunteer to help—hands on. Or, partners can help supply the resources that it takes to send our mission soaring to “new heights”. “New heights” translates into helping more animals, providing more education, assisting our community with more wildlife issues.

You might be asking “Why me as a partner?” The answer is because you clearly care or you wouldn’t be following our blogs. You (1) care about our wildlife neighbors. (2) know that not a single animal we see comes in with an insurance card. (3) understand that tests must be paid for, x-rays, and medications have a cost attached to them, and groceries aren’t free. (4) and, over 3600 animals so far this year have needed our help/your help.

We need you as a partner because you recognize the value of education. You care because (1) you know that most schools today have no money for extra programming. (2) you know that most young people today don’t have an opportunity to interact with the natural world. (3) you know that innately they crave this connection and need it for their overall well-being….on a regular basis, letters from students backup this partnership need. (4) you know that taking our educational ambassadors to schools across the state requires gasoline, insurance, and upkeep.

Become a partner in our mission. Give your time, give at your workplace ( ), shop on line at our store (, or take advantage of tax deductions by end-of-the-year giving. Remember us in your planned giving. Leave a legacy.

Partner with us; join our work; support our mission….Happy Thanks-4-Giving! Pass it on and Feel the Spirit!

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