Monday, August 2, 2010

This Week at Liberty 08/02/2010

The total for the year so far is up to 2583.

Things are noticeably slower paced now, with the ebbing of Baby Bird Season and the development of the orphans into fledgling and juvenile birds. The intake window is still a center of activity, but at least now the OC volunteers can get their feeding done between arrivals. And the Med Services team has more time to devote to each patient. Not every bird that comes in is a big, bad raptor either... Even the smaller predators and the "LBBs" (little brown birds) get the same quality care their bigger cousins receive.
Holly holds an injured canada goose.
Sharon says, "A spoonful of sugar might help..."
A couple of adult canada geese came in recently, each with a leg injury. Besides dodging golf carts, golf balls, dogs and kids, fishing gear is also on their "avoid at all cost" list. These birds both came from the Chaparral park area (from the bands and tags they display) and both areas generate a lot of injured waterfowl. Getting a long-necked goose to swallow a pill isn't always easy! These guys will hopefully be released in the not-too-distant future.
Man, that's a BIG box!
...and for such a little bird.
Toba and Kristine check for canker.
A small wing is checked for damage.
When Rescue & Transport volunteers are trained, the proper sized carrier is stressed. You don't want to use too large a box as the more room an injured bird has to move around in, the more chance they have to further injure themselves. This week a large box arrived and in it we found a little female kestrel, hardly visible at the bottom. "Economy of cardboard" is the name of the game...
Nina and Jan begin the release. (photo by Brian Grimaldi)
Joe helps out as the grateful birds fly overhead. (Photo by Brian Grimaldi)
The first batch of ravens to be released this year after the dozens of nest relocations took place last weekend. Nina, along with Joe and Jan, drove out to where the nestlings, babies, and eggs were taken to begin the release process. the birds seemed to relish their new freedom, as did the volunteers at Liberty who have been caring for them for the past few months! Only another 30 or so to go!
Joe and Sonora educate prior to boarding. (photo by Jan Miller)
A gorgeous backdrop for education. (photo by Jan Miller)
Sonora feels the wind beneath her wings! (Photo by Jan Miller)
Joe and Sonora with the VCRR staff. (photo by Jan Miller)
Our new partnership with the Verde Canyon Rail Road added a new page last weekend. A few times each month, the VCRR holds "Moonlight" events in the evenings and for the July trip, Jan and Joe Miller took Sonora along to educate the riders about eagles and their relations with the Arizona environment. Frequently seen from the train as it moves from Clarkdale to Perkinsville, bald eagles are an attraction as well as an opportunity to learn more about our desert wildlife. It appears everyone, including Sonora, had a good time!
A little house finch grows new feathers.
For several weeks now, a tiny house finch has been recovering at Liberty from what was most likely a cat attack. His little wing was damaged and wrapped for the healing process which took some time. Now his wrap is off and he is growing in some new primary feathers to replace those lost in the attack. Hopefully he will be returned to the wild very soon!
This fledgling mockingbird has some foot problems.
Sarah plays Geppetto.
"Do you have these in brown?"

Another satisfied(?) customer...
Sarah was working on a little fledgling mocker last week who has some foot problems. One leg is somewhat deformed and the other has another issue that causes his foot to bend improperly. So ever the inventive volunteer, she began to fashion a pair of attractive orthopedic shoes for him. These will hold his legs and feet in the proper position as they heal. As he grows, he will hopefully gain strength and his legs and feet will develop properly so he can be released.


Anne Peyton said...

I love the last picture. One of my favorites of all photos so far...cute as heck. Hope his feet will be okay.
BTW Terry, you do a great job with TWAL!

PSC said...

Terry, love your blog, as always. Wish I could have been there the see Sonora "ride the rail"! Especially liked the last photo -- reminded me, of me, when my new shoes pinch my feet!

Bethany F said...

I completely agree with Anne. That last photo is one of my favorites of all time!! I also love the picture of Holly with the goose, she's great!

Thanks for the super blog, definitely a highlight of my week!

Anonymous said...

Cutest mockingbird I have ever seen!