Monday, June 21, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 06/21/2010

Happy summer, everyone. This first day of summer brings another honor to Liberty Wildlife. We have just been notified that we will be inducted into Wildlife for Tomorrow’s Arizona’s Wildlife Hall of Fame on August 28th. We are, of course, thrilled to be recognized once again for our excellence in programming: rehabilitation, education, and conservation services! I would like to extend a quick but heartfelt thanks to all of you over the years who have made this honor possible. You deserve the recognition, and I wish I could list you individually…but it’s not possible….there are just too many of you.

While talking about recognitions, I feel a need to recognize all of the education handlers who are in charge of continuing the training, conditioning, and general husbandry of our educational ambassadors throughout these hot summer months. The birds that are used in presentations all year long need to be weight monitored, consistently fed on the fist, and conditioned to ensure stress-free performances during the entire education season. To do this we enlist the aid of a hearty group of people including the following: Anne Peyton, Donna Jabarra, Craig Fischer, Donna Mueller, Jan Miller, Missi Hughes, Terry Stevens, Linda Scott, Peggy Cole, Joyce Heath, Max Bessler, Bonnie Akins, Mona Berrier, Jo Ann Mayer, Joe Miller, Claudia Kirscher, Wendi Bozzi, John Glitsos, Carol Marshall, Judy Droz, Mary Schnuck (Please let me know if I have inadvertently omitted anyone).

This dedicated group shows up on their days of responsibility, gather and prepare the correct food (which entails mouse and mouse sections, chicken parts, and other not so pretty things), retrieve their assigned birds, weigh them, sit with them, feed them, commune with them…all in the name of very well trained, stress free educational animals…..and this is one of the many things that makes our education group and their charges so highly sought after throughout the educational season.

Thanks to all of you for sitting in the heat, fighting off the herds of pests attracted to you, and for dehydrating yourselves temporarily (a nice way of saying sweating)….such dedication needs to be applauded! Can you hear me clapping wildly?

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