Monday, June 7, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 06/07/2010

Change is the only constant. This old proverb is enduring at Liberty Wildlife as well as everywhere else. Seasons change, animals come in and get released, volunteers come, give as much time as they can and sometimes have to move on…jobs, schools, relocations, etc. We learn as we age that attachments make for difficulties and when dealing with wildlife we learn to stay as unattached as possible (return to the wild is the ultimate goal).

However, change within staff isn’t so easy. The teamwork necessary when a few people are trying to do a lot of jobs makes for close and constant contact. It is especially difficult when the staff change revolves around someone who does such good work….showing initiative, creativity, compassion, and responsibility…leadership skills across the board. So when it comes to adjusting to the change of our Volunteer Coordinator, it is hard to take it as “the way it’s supposed to be” or a “as the world turns” kind of thing.

But, so it goes….we lose Gail Cochrane, a four year staff member, who made the job of Volunteer Coordinator look easy when in reality we all know how un-easy it is. The challenges of keeping shifts filled, the Hotline working smoothly, the public happy with our customer service will now change to new challenges, new adventures, and new growth. She leaves Liberty with a robust volunteer base and takes the qualities that made her such a success on to new ways to help the environment and our world….She definitely walks her talk….Good luck, Gail….we send you off with a bit of sadness and a great deal of gratitude.

All of that being said, and because the world did turn, stepping in boldly, we welcome Carol Suits as our new Volunteer Coordinator. Coming with a bundle of qualities of her own and proven experience working in many areas of Liberty Wildlife, Carol will be a terrific addition to our team. Coordinating the volunteers at this year’s Wishes for Wildlife event, she was a definite stand out. One of our guests stopped me that night to complement the volunteers…”like no other organization that I have ever seen”, he said! Carol was in charge! Her love of Liberty’s mission and keen understanding of what we do, will make her a definite winner. She, too, brings compassion, eagerness, organization, and wonderful people skills to the position. Those lucky enough to come in contact with her will instantly know what I men. Welcome aboard, Carol! We all look forward to working with you.

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