Monday, May 31, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 05/31/2010

Hey, what's that racket I hear? If you listen intently you, too, may be able to hear a din of peeps, clacks, and tweets..coming from the orphan care area at Liberty Wildlife. Translating, you will hear what we recognize as demands, pleas, begging or.. "Can I have some more, please". Some more please refers to worms, crickets, crumble, monkey chow, seeds and yes, mice!

In answer to these constant requests we are inviting each of you to aVirtual Baby Shower. Back by popular demand we are launching our shower to help feather the nests of our hundreds of orphaned babies. For various reasons these babies are parentless and now depend on the kind souls in the orphan care group to tend to their needs. By participating in our virtual shower you can help the OC volunteers do their jobs. Go to and click on "It's A Baby Shower." Then the fun begins. You don't have to play games or guess babies names, but you can select from some of the following unusual items guaranteed not to be on any baby shower registry that you have seen before. These babies need Box o Mealworms, Bundles of Crumbles, Cropful o Crickets, Monkey Chow (no we don't have monkeys), Scoops o Seeds, and MICE! You would be amazed at how much of these items we go through in a season and this season is starting up to be a humdinger. Twenty two ravenous raven babies can munch through a supply of mice in no time at all and the baby raptors are coming in by the diapersful..not to mention the songbirds, passerines, and wading birds. The stork doesn't seem to know when to stop.or maybe that is the problem.he keeps stopping at Liberty Wildlife, and stopping, and stopping...

So, go to the store, participate in our virtual shower..many peeps, clacks, and tweets will be quieted and your generosity will be appreciated.

Remember also, that you can help by volunteering your time. During this time of year the pressure is on the Hotline, the Rescue and Transport team, and the Daily Care volunteers. Call the Hotline, 480-998-5550 to see how you can get involved, that is, right after you attend the Virtual Baby Shower at See you there?

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