Monday, May 24, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 05/24/2010

It is always with a bit of sadness mixed with a bit of cheer that we end an education season…and that is what happens at the end of May. The educational animals get a well deserved rest and the education team takes a summer breather. The daily care that is part of the training continues all year around but the trips to classes, community events, and displays won’t start up again until late next September. An occasional trip to the northern part of the state may see some hardy educators and their wildlife friends loading up for a northern trek, but in general the pace slows. It is a time to evaluate, create and get ready for another busy season.

Based on this I thought I would share a few letters that we got from a fourth grade class that Terry visited a few weeks ago. Letters similar to these come in all year and each educator has a cadre of correspondence addressed to them, and they do warm the heart. Here are a few samples. I will quote them exactly:

Dear Mr. Stevens, this was the best time ever that I had at school. It was very fun to see the birds. I can’t choose my favorite one to see. Thank you for letting us see those amazing birds.

Dear Mr. Stevens, thank you for showing us the red-tailed hawk, the great horned owl, and the golden eagle. I loved the presentation and I want to join Liberty Wildlife when I am older. I was very impressed and I want to look for things that I could help with while I am still young.

Dear Mr. Stevens, thank you for comming and bringing birds. The whole school thanks you for comming. The only way you come is by the kindness of your hearts. We thank you for coming and especially I do. THANK YOU LIBERTY WILDLIFE.

Dear Mr. Stevens, thank you for coming to our school. I had never relized how unique birds are. The owl was pretty funny about how his head moved. This makes me want to learn about birds even more! Also I was shoked about how the birds behaved. Chaco, Megellan , and Phoenix are so awesome. Once again thank you for coming. P.S. I found Chaco on the website.

Dear Terry, thanks you so much for showing all of the birds. It was so fun to learn all those new facts about the birds. When I got home I told my mom and dad. I have never seen a bird that close to me befor. Thank you for taking time out of your day to show us all of those betufil birds. P.S. you are the best teacher ever on birds.

It makes it all worthwhile when you get such great responses and see the impact on the future through these delightful students and their enthusiasm for learning about the world around them. I applaud them and our education team. It is this magical combination of educator and learner that gives me hope!

I would also like to note that a special applause should go to Liberty Wildlife volunteer, Tony Sola. On Saturday he not only filled his own shift but filled in for others missing for a variety of reasons that day…..that kept him volunteering his heart out from 5:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon. And, if that weren’t enough he left again early Sunday to be part of a rescue relay that started with Peggy Cole picking up an eaglet found on the ground in the Snowflake area that was dropped off in Show Low. She drove the young eagle from Show Low to Christopher Creek where, you guessed it, Tony Sola spent Sunday morning driving from the Valley to Christopher Creek, a two hour drive, to pick up the eagle and return to the facility in the early afternoon with patient in hand….another five plus hours of dedication to Arizona’s wildlife. It is people like Tony, Peggy and Terry that make Liberty Wildlife such an awesome organization.

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