Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 05/10/2010

Some of the kids at Wishes for Wildlife 2010

We try different things at each fund raising event with the intention of getting more people involved in our mission. This year’s Wishes for Wildlife was no exception. A new location, a new educational pre event presentation, and most importantly, we invited two tables of young people starting at age 5 and moving up to teens. It was a wonderful experiment. Not only were they well behaved and totally interested in what goes on at a “big people event”, they were also quiet helpful….jobs were assigned to keep them busy and engaged. And, as always with the kids, the educational ambassadors stole the show….the kids loved the experience as did their folks.

What we didn’t count on but always hope for from our future generations was the call to action that some of them left with.

A week after the event Sophie and Brierly Wren, attendees at the event, cooked up a scheme. They were all about raising money to help native wildlife as a result of their previous weekend experience. They decided to set up an art sale in their driveway. They produced a number of pieces of art, mostly of puppies, which they proceeded to sell to the neighbors or anyone who happened by….not your ordinary lemonade stand for them. They placed Liberty Wildlife literature around their “gallery” and launched into their first fundraising experience.

When good friend, Katy Clark, next year’s Benefit Chair, arrived at their house later on our young entrepreneurs proudly presented her with a pink bag stuffed full of dollars….a result of their successful art sale. They couldn’t have been more proud of themselves and their accomplishments….ditto from the creatures at Liberty Wildlife!

The take away from this is that the children are our future. We have a responsibility to leave them an earth that will nurture them and embrace them….an earth that they can leave to future generations. It sounds like such a small thing….but in the grander scheme of things it is pretty much all that matters. Without your playing a part now, it will be hopeless for them later.

And, with experiences like this I have so much hope. And, I hope each of you chooses to be involved for the future of the children and the wildlife.

Loving nature
Sidewalk art gallery

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