Monday, April 19, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 04/19/2010

Last week was, among many other things, spent in pre event frenzy. Our 17th annual Wishes for Wildlife fund raiser is now history, but what a beautiful memory it is…not just because we can move on to other things, but also because we met so many new friends, auctioned off many very cool items, and made some cash to support our mission. I wish everyone could have been there to experience the Chamber of Commerce perfect weather, the unsurpassed loveliness of the setting of the Fairmont, and the electricity and synergy of the group.

An event like this is not supported by one person. It does indeed take a village to bring this kind of an event to fruition. The Wildlife Guardians rise to the occasion annually and make sure that the details get taken care of working months ahead of time to make sure everything is perfect. They are the backbone of the event. Our Corporate Chairs, Karen and Bob Hobbs, brought a perfection to the event along with their experience in community giving and commitment. The inspiration of the gala, our Benefit Chair, Christi Warner Beyer, brought an expertise and joy to the substance of the event. Our Benefit Co-Chair, Katy Clark, brought a contagious enthusiasm that bespeaks what next year will be about! The donors of items, purchasers of corporate tables, and our table hosts, insured that the night would be filled with people and coveted items.

Our underwriters provided the backing to make things beautiful and comfortable for the guests. SRP, as always, steps forward to underwrite the printing and the AV services….both perfection in all ways….and we are very grateful. US Airways always rises to the occasion with their support and our Presenting Sponsor, Barrett Jackson topped off the corporate end. The Rogers Group created our wonderful invitation with the help of photographer, Barb Del Ve, while also producing the power point and poster for the Live Auction, and the Save the Date Card design. B C Graphics provided the printing for that first piece of collateral. Terry Stevens, of This Week @Liberty fame, created a compilation of his weekly efforts to allow the crowd to have a close up view of what we do on a regular basis. It was fabulous and greatly informative to the gathered group.

The heart and soul of the event was supplied by the staff and volunteers of Liberty Wildlife, friends and family of our staff and volunteers, and the Do Crew of US Airways who were beyond belief. They were hard working, enthusiastic, helpful to the guests, and cooperative in all ways. Then there was the education group with their educational ambassadors who greeted the guests as they arrived, going to dinner and leaving the event…just awesome in all ways. Robin Sewell of Arizona Highways emceed the event in all of her grace and beauty. What an asset. Did I fail to mention Robbie and Shannon Sinkler and their bird show who provided entertainment for the evening’s program? Stupendous! What more can I say? What a night, what a night it really was! What a night. Thanks to all of you who made it happen from me and the wildlife we help. And, if I have omitted anyone deserving of thanks it is only because I am weary. Please let me know.

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