Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 04/05/2010

Today’s blog is about updating, informing, reminding and personal experiences.

Our mission has always been to nurture the nature of Arizona. And, we do. As most of you might know, in the past we have sent bunnies and squirrels to compassionate folks who love the furry ones. Recently there has been a change…bunnies that don’t need nightly feedings and injured bunnies of all ages will now be cared for in house. A chain of events has made this a necessity and the convenience of having Dr. Orr close at hand has made it a win-win situation. At last our in-house volunteers will get the pleasure of working directly with these small mammals. It will also expand our readiness for an all inclusive list of native patients when we finally get relocated.

Next, as was mentioned last week, Condor 133 will be going home! Dr. Orr will be driving her up to meet with Chris Parrish of The Peregrine Fund to release her into a Vermilion Cliffs holding facility readying her to finally go home…hopefully to stay clear of lead, to add babies to the “flock”, and to live long and prosper. Please, all of you, remember to preach to anyone who will stand still long enough to hear the message….GET THE LEAD OUT! We don’t want to see her again in captivity. And, while they are still standing and still listening to your pleas….remind them also to pick up all monofilament line that they see along the shores, in parks, or where ever it lands. It looks so innocuous; it does so much damage!

One more reminder: Don’t forget that Wishes for Wildlife, our annual fund raiser, auction and dinner is April 17th. It should have something for everyone, so do come. Check out our dedicated web site, for more details. See you there?

Lastly, I stepped into my yard early this morning and was assaulted by the strong scent of perfume. It was as if a perfumery had exploded silently in the night. How very odd…what a mystery….until I looked in my front “garden”….and I spied this cactus bloom.

Oh what a thrill. I know it will be short lived, much like the screech owl I caught ogling me from a bedroom window...brief but thrilling, these splendiferous sensations…I love nature!

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zopeloti said...

Beautiful picture. You are so lucky to have all of this right in your back yard. I wishh everyone could/would enjoy the beauty of nature.