Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 03/29/2010

It always gives me great pleasure to share with blog readers some of the great correspondence that we get at Liberty Wildlife from past, present and hopefully future “clients”. The other day I received a note from a photographer, Linda Covey, who included a photo that she had taken of Lady Liberty at an educational event a while back. It was lovely.

A few weeks later I received an e mail from her telling me of an incident her husband and a friend had while playing golf on the west side of the Valley. In a letter to Channel 12, she tells her “feel good story”. Here is what she had to say:

“Man Gives The Shirt Off His Back To Save a Hawk!”
I have sent many weather photos and animal photos to you over the years, but this time it’s about 2 guys golfing who end up becoming heroes to a bird who lay broken and in danger death from a dog nearby.
My husband Larry and his buddy John were playing a round of golf at THE WIGWAM and his friend, John Rutan spotted the injured Harris’ Hawk sitting on the ground on the side of the fairway. They went to investigate and saw a dog nearby threatening the injured hawk. Larry ran the dog off with the cart.
It was apparent that one wing was badly injured so they proceeded to rescue the hawk by placing towels over its head. That didn't work too well because the hawks talons would grab the towels. When they ran out of towels, John took his nice golf shirt off his back and used it to toss over the hawks head. That did the trick!

Meanwhile I called the hotline at LIBERTY WILDLIFE
and Pam answered. She took down all the information the guys relayed to me earlier and she coordinated the volunteer of the day, Gary, to pick up the bird at the Wigwam Pro Shop which he did.

The next day I received emails from both Megan Mosby and Melissa Hughes at Liberty Wildlife that the hawk was in good hands and they would let me know how its progress was coming along. They’re wonderful, caring people and it’s just a “feel-good” story I hope you’ll want to run.
Everyone who was involved in this rescue are heroes to help a hawk in need: the compassionate volunteers, the folks at the Wigwam Golf shop and the original rescue party: John Rutan who is a pilot with SW Airlines and my husband, Larry Covey

I am not sure if the story ever made it to TV, but I think all of the folks involved in the rescue should be commended. The only bad part of the story is that the Harris’ hawk was x-rayed, and the radiographs revealed a pellet in the middle of the elbow joint of the wing causing irreparable damage…permanent grounding…no chance of release. Once again a needlessly sad occurrence caused by a mean spirited act by an uneducated person. It just makes me realize the critical work that our education group has in front of them. We would like to never have to talk about this subject again.

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