Monday, March 22, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 03/22/2010

Be sure to read all of the way to the end….a friendly task awaits you…

The excitement of the week was all about spring cleaning. Once in a while we bite the bullet and pull out everything for an assault on years of grime….what an experience! This past weekend was the chosen time and starting on Friday and actually ending today (Monday) we put a shine on things…well as much as is possible under the circumstances. None of this flurry of activity would have been possible without a Herculean effort from the following. If I leave out anyone please let me know….I would feel terrible not giving credit where it most certainly is due.

A very special thank you goes to the following staff and volunteers….you all totally rock!

Jan Miller, Terry Stevens, Missi Hughes,

Tanya Adams, Amanda O’Malley, Kristine Williams

The rest of the cast who made it happen:

Angie Cole, Doug McCarter, Melanie Banville, Lindsay Love, Danielle Dunn, Alex Stofko, Danielle Kaczmarek, Susan Greenspan and Matt French, Jessica Sehr, Neil Schumman, Alex Sehr, James Frazier, Terrie Cook, Abby Nickerson, Michaele Thomas, Justin Webb, Lindsay Harper, Kayla Mann, Will Stearns, Michelle Grace, Donna Jabara, Maureen Smith, Eric Nelson, Kendra McGarty, Nino Teresi, Jerusha Simon, Anastasia Schubert, Gail Cochrane, Nael Dagstani, Joanie Boatwright, Denise Paduano, Claire Yabes, Mike Doran, Cory Armstrong, Roger Jensen, Amanda Martin, Gail Forsythe, Bethany Fourmy, Patricia Quinn-Ortiz, Amanda Williams and me.

I also wanted to follow up on last week’s mention of the fundraising activity by Western Valley Middle School. Here’s what the teacher, Donna Kutarnia, had to say about the activity. What a great learning experience for her class and what a bonus for us.

The students in my Homeroom, which meets for 20 minutes each day, have been wanting to do a community service project for animals. We decided on a Penny War. This was a competition held for 3 days among homerooms that collected pennies. There was a twist, in that if you had any silver or paper money in the jar then that counted against your total. So if a homeroom collected 100 pennies and 1 nickel then the total for the contest would be $.95, even though the total raised was $1.05. So it was a fun contest. For these middle level learners, I wanted to take them through the whole process of not only the organizing, collecting, counting, and also actually seeing where their money goes. In the first part they did all the work, they designed flyers, distributed them, talked to all the classrooms about the project, collected and distributed all the pickle jars from the cafeteria to collect money, then after the money collection was complete, then they collected all the jars, then they began to count the money. Counting took about 4 weeks, counting every day and wrapping pennies. It was fun and we kept count of each teacher’s total.

We ended with you coming out and showing the students about the animals and talking to them about where the money will go. Thank you for having such a great organization that goes to schools.

And, Donna, thank you and your students for the uplifting experience

Lastly, will each of you please follow the link to and choose Be More Awards 2010 under the Community/Families tab and VOTE FOR LIBERTY WILDLIFE AS YOUR FAVORITE ORGANIZATION!

We thank you from the bottom or our hearts.

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