Monday, February 15, 2010

This Week at Liberty 02/15/2010

We're up to 109 on the intake list so far this year. We've gotten our first baby in (photos next week!) along with some great progress on a few of our current patients. In addition, the training for Sonora is back on track and she'll be an attraction at our continuing presentations at the Hyatt this spring.
A songbird's nightmare!
Jan evaluates the cooper's hawk.
The little sharpie comes out.
He's a handsome old guy!
Looks like he might have been shot...
There have been several accipiter intakes in the past couple of weeks, including a beautiful cooper's hawk and that tiny little sharp-shinned from last week's TW@L. These "avian specialists" seem to have a problem recognizing that window glass is not traversable while in hot pursuit of a bird-feeder patron. The diminutive little sharpie, however, shows signs of a gunshot wound, but X-rays will probably ell the story.
Jan examines the electrical burn for healing.
The leg doesn't look great...
Joanie applies the burn ointment.
Turquoise is his color!
The severely burned HaHa continues to amaze with his recovery.
His tail feathers are finally coming in!
Over the years, one of the biggest causes of damage to harris' hawks is electrical equipment. For some reason, these gregarious hawks like to land on power poles and this brings them grief. The young male with all the cholla spines from a couple of weeks ago has a burned wing and leg which are not improving his chances. In his case, the current passed through his body and burned the tissue from within. This is a particularly damaging burn the results of which are sometimes only seen days or weeks later. The Other HaHa with terrible burns looks worse, but is actually in better shape. His burns were incurred in the flames from the flash of the explosion and sparks. His feathers (which are beginning to come back in!) were severely damaged, but he is otherwise structurally intact. Even the hole in his wing is closing up!
A little girl kestrel arrives.
A wounded wing is dressed.
Michelle and Lily wrap the wing.
Late yesterday, another little kestrel was brought in with a broken wing. Not much is known about what caused the injury except the people said that she was being stalked by cats! Hopefully she will recover and rejoin the flock around central Phoenix in time to raise a family!
A golden flicker is released!
One of the good-newws stories this week is a golden flicker that is finished with rehab and got released in front of Liberty today. A local resident, this pretty little bird will head for home and be back in his old haunts tonight!
Sonora launches!

Gear and flaps down, ready to land.
Sonora has been slowly spooling up for more flight training lately. She will be part of the "Education Takes Flight" program at the Hyatt this spring, thrilling crowds of people visiting the valley, and educating all who are lucky enough to see her do her thing!


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