Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 02/22/2010

Well, yes, the wait is almost over!

It isn’t too soon for you to start planning your schedule around Orphan Care Season 2010 at Liberty Wildlife. If you have been thinking about “giving back” or helping Mother Nature, here’s an entry level way to get started. And, besides helping Ma Nature, here are nine more reasons to volunteer in Orphan Care this year.

· You will get “on the job training” and learn new skills...all free of charge.

· You can enlist the aid of a friend that you’d like to spend quality time with doing something good to help native wildlife. Sign up for the same shift.

· You will be able to watch a natural process that doesn’t take eons to complete….from egg to fledge in a little over a few months in most cases.

· You will meet many like minded people.

· You will learn about all kinds of native wildlife, first hand and hands on.

· You will have a chance to appear in This Week at Liberty and show your stuff around the globe.

· You know what you’ll be doing for a few hours a day one day a week (unless you have so much fun you sign up to volunteer for more than one shift).

· You will get to be a part of Arizona Game and Fish Commission’s Conservation Organization of the Year.

· And, last but not least, you’ll get to enjoy some of Max’s baked goods…a reason in itself!

Start your plans now. For more information contact Gail Cochrane, Volunteer Coordinator, at And do us all a favor……. pass this reminder on to all of your friends and acquaintances….they deserve a chance to hear this good news and to take part in a very fulfilling endeavor.

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