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This Week at Liberty 11/30/2009

A holiday week means time off for most folks, but strangely, the animals don't know what Thanksgiving Day is. Although the rate of arrivals has dropped noticeably, the day-to-day work goes on. This week we have some interesting issues, another great release, and some OJT in the Medical Services group. So gird your turkey-filled loins and let's take a look...
Heddy poses for Ken Rowe.
Suddenly, it looks like an owl!
A well known artist (and friend of Anne Peyton) was in town last week and is doing a sculpture of Hedwig. Mr. Ken Rowe is based in Sedona and is represented in some fine galleries. He is working on a GHO sculpture and I got to take a couple shots of him at work out front. Heddy seemed to take her prospective immortality in stride. We'll keep you posted on the progress of the work.
A gambel's quail is in for care.
Sarah tube feeds the quail.
An injured gambel's quail arrived this week. Since they are so at ease around people, the chance of them being involved in a negative impact situation is enhanced. Cats, dogs, cars, kids - all are products of the human world that are potentially dangerous to little birds that like to stay near the ground. This little guys is in good hands.
Mike holds as Missi and Rebecca unwrap Ophelia's leg.
Looks are deceiving - it looks better!
"The first one who laughs will regret it!"
Our wonderful foster mom Ophelia is still trying to recover from a leg injury she sustained several weeks ago. She was in a chronic cycle of real improvement, followed by tearing off the dressing and self-mutilating. Now she is on a daily program of spending the night inside after a fresh, wrap that is more like a cast than a dressing, followed by a day outside in familiar surroundings. We even tried a plastic collar (pictured above) to keep her from re-injuring her leg. The new process seems to be working as the leg is slowly getting better.
A small bit of vet-wrap keeps a beak safe.
Art single-handedly wraps a wounded wing.
"You can take this off now...please."
A little raven came in from Chandler last week, presenting a wing injury that might be a bullet wound. X-rays will confirm the damage, but until then, Art did the exam and wrap single-handedly last Wednesday. We did wrap a small piece of vet-wrap around the beak to keep him from getting painfully pinched in the process.
Jasmine holds as Amanda shows Tony the exam technique.
Tony prepares to administer fluids.
Jan applies the final splint and wrap.
One of the unique things offered by Liberty to volunteers is top-notch training in the care and handling of native wildlife. Last week, our Saturday Medical Services volunteer took the time to give some on the job instruction and experience to Tony, one of our stellar volunteers who does Rescue, Hotline, Education, and Med Services. This is after a 10 week training class taught by Jan Miller. The people of Liberty are an extraordinary bunch indeed!
Megan prepares the launcher and the launchee!
Another perfect release!

Heading home for the holidays!
Another young harris' hawk got released last week in the Paradise Valley area. Adult birds who get released are taken back to their former areas (if it was an appropriate place to begin with), but orphans are released in a place that we determine will offer them the best chance for survival. This young bird was released in an area that is known to support the communal-living harris' hawk so the bird will have a great chance of attaching itself to an existing family of birds.

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