Monday, October 19, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 10/19/2009

Today I would like to pass on some notes from the field…..things I have recently become aware of on my own travels or some passed on to me by others that I respect. Here goes.

While hiking this past weekend in a desert river bed, hot and dusty dry, I spied a tenacious flower standing proudly on the end of a spindly stem sporting a few sad leaves. It didn’t seem to matter that water hadn’t traversed this path in many a moon, or that horses had tromped through it regularly, or that the sun was brutally beating down on it …. this proud purple flower bloomed where it grew. The lesson: No matter how tough your environs or what hardships the universe throws at you, if you have the right stuff you can still bloom. So do it.

Also on this river bed hike I learned that a smart dog (to me translates “all dogs”) quickly learn how to ‘shadow’ draft. I watched as the dogs took turns walking just off the left side of the hikers enjoying the shade cast by their bodies…just like bicycle racers drafting behind the lead rider taking advantage of the position to rest, catch their breaths or strategize. Animals seem to know how to adapt to a situation, creatively making do with what they have.

The last thing I want to pass on from the field was the result of a very interesting e mail from Claudia, who has kept us up this season with the breeding eagle population along the Salt River. A recent visit by her found eagles in their traditional spots ... soon to start housekeeping for this year’s breeding season (seems like it just ended, doesn’t it?). Alarmed by gun shots in the same area as the eagles she spent a good amount of time tracking down the answers to her concerns. Indeed it is quail and dove hunting season. The take away here is that no matter how you are using the out of doors (and we encourage everyone to get outside), it is important to stay fully aware of what else is going on around you. If you choose to hunt, please hunt responsibly … know that other wildlife shares the area. If you ride bikes, horses, or ATV’s, ride responsibly … know that wildlife shares the area. If you hike, tube, kayak, or canoe, float, paddle or walk responsibly …. always be aware that wildlife shares the area. It is their home. It is where they raise their families. Their lives will depend on how we treat their homes … Be respectful.

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